Friday, October 12, 2007

Let's play "guess the water company?" class

Many of you have read my ranting on here about the French water company currently screwing over Marion County, we posted the many corrupt dealings and current case law. Go back and look, then read this about Atlanta, you will see where you're all headed soon.

Thank god for well water in Hendricks County.

" The commissioner of Atlanta's Department of Watershed Management made a plea for conservation today because of the severe drought that has forced restrictions on 61 counties in north Georgia. Robert J. Hunter called it a drought "of historic magnitude." He said everyone must come together to protect and conserve limited water resources. The storage for Atlanta's water supply is Lake Lanier, located north of the city. Hunter said it provides water for one-third of the residents of Georgia. He said that now there is enough water in Lanier to serve the area for 121 days. Hunter joined Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklin at a news conference at City Hall to urge citizens in Atlanta and the surrounding area to do everything possible to conserve water.VIDEO: Lake Lanier May Run Out Of Water Soon
The 61 counties were placed under Drought Restriction Level Four on September 28 by the director of the Georgia Environmental Protection Division, which essentially is a ban on all outdoor watering. Hunter said a level four is called "exceptional, which is beyond extreme." Both Hunter and Franklin strongly endorsed better use of water in the home, such as having a plumber check for leaks. Franklin said the city is steadily making improvements on an outdated city water system, averaging about 700 repaired leaks a month."
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