Thursday, November 1, 2007

A new Carson

Hang it up Carson

A few months ago channel 13 went after a gas pump inspector in Madison county for not inspecting gasoline pumps while he was struggling with cancer and chemotherapy. They made this poor, dying man look like a thief. Where the hell is channel 13 with Julia Carson ? This dumb drunk is sitting at home, neglecting her job, while still being paid. An unmarked city vehicle is parked in her driveway daily now. Guess her alias of Anne Marie Gimenez has outraged the Hispanic community to the point of needing protection beyond what her ghetto muslim security farce can provide. Seinfeld knew when to leave Julia......take a hint from him!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Julia Carson has a police radio?

You must make a public records request for police run #I072941470. You see, some of Julia's political opponents were exercising their own rights lawfully taking photos in a public place when a deputy Center Twp Constable (was it Carl Drummer himself?) said there was "AN EMERGENCY" (notated in the run) and asked for police assistance to Julia's house on the police radio....

--It gets better!

Did you (or anyone else) know that Julia Carson has a police radio and unit number assigned to her? Can anyone say "tip off the pea shakes"? If you make the public records request you will see that the deputy constable (was it Carl himself) used Julia's radio. Julia Carson has police car #9740 assigned. The proof is in the public record!!!

Officers arrived and professionally allowed the citizens to continue to exercise their constitutional rights.


Sunday, October 21, 2007

Info to pass on, and a copied graphic

I liked this picture, and here's some info about another protest.

Spread the word...
On Saturday October 27th, there will be a massive protest starting at 2 p.m.
Thousands of people will attend and organization is under way. We need people marching and chanting. We need to unite whether Republicans, Democrats, or or or poor...homeowners or renters. This time we must send a strong message back to our government and start the process of removing these politicians from power>

Event: Tax Scamed Saturday
Date: Saturday October 27th
Time: 2 p.m.
Location. Monument Circle

Public Speech Forum - south side of the monument
Activist Leaders / Public officials - north side of the monument.
Booths and events surrounding the monument.

Scary costumes and grim reapers allowed. We will focus on a way to vote out the corruption in our city. Spread the word to every neighborhood in the city as this will be a party like no other!

October 17, 2007

4 more years until Indy's destroyed

Links for reference to what it's going to look like:
Downtown Ruins
Ruins of Downtown Detroit
Begin Downtown Tour

goldbut.gif J. L. Hudson Store
goldbut.gif Tiger Stadium
goldbut.gif Detroit Boat Club
goldbut.gif Madison Lenox Hotel
goldbut.gif Hudson's Demolition
goldbut.gif GAR Building
goldbut.gif Monroe Block
goldbut.gif Downtown YWCA
goldbut.gif Downtown YMCA
goldbut.gif Joe Muer's Restaurant
Statler Hotel
goldbut.gif United Artists Theater
goldbut.gif Adams Theater
goldbut.gif Central Methodist Theater
goldbut.gif Broderick Tower
goldbut.gif Madison Theater
goldbut.gif Michigan Theater
goldbut.gif Book Building
goldbut.gif Cadillac Hotel
goldbut.gif Fort Shelby Hotel
goldbut.gif National Theater
Metropolitan Building
Ford Auditorium
goldbut.gif Michigan Central Station
goldbut.gif Tiger Stadium
goldbut.gif Belle Isle - Detroit Boat Club
goldbut.gif Rivertown
goldbut.gif Casino

If things do not improve here I will move to Indianapolis!!!!

Black Indianapolis vs. Black Detroit

Hey Brother Akindele,

Hoosiers who think Detroit, Michigan has problems better think twice.

Indianapolis, Indiana has a major problem that’s hurling downward like a meteorite, destroying everything in its path. Don’t be fooled with Indiana Black Expo and the Coca-Cola Classic “wez black folk all happy” fluffery. That’s just annual economic development for Downtown Indianapolis, Inc.-- and black businesses in Indiana are NOT at the table. These “kum ba yas” double as way to give funds to “pet” not-for-profit organizations controlled by crooked black legislators and their girlfriends/boyfriends, friends & relatives, offering relatively nothing of marketable value in return. These funds are usually to “Celebrate Diversity” without having to “really” do anything for blacks. You see, our black politicians have sold OUR rights to opportunities in the City of Indianapolis in exchange for their social and political platforms and slush-funds, these not-for-profit organizations.

Speaking of crooked politicians, now these SAME not-for-profits can now be certified as a disadvantaged human being as a “protected class”. That’s the same class that allows government to have set-aside programs for women and certain minorities. Yes, an “Entity” in Indiana, can be a “protected class”, but not really--just in Indiana. Which reminds me, our black legislators should at least have a high school education? They’ll comprehend law better.

Yes an “Entity” can now win a contract over a black man or black women to take advantage of set-aside money. I wonder of a women or minority can use this same “protected class” status to take advantage of all those GRANTS that not-for-profits can apply for? NO, of course not

Most corporate diversity initiatives, (funds) it’s always about the dollars, are focused on the old-school “something for nuthin” concept. This was introduced during a time in Indianapolis black history when our ‘black militant leaders” were demanding things because they felt white America owed reparations, and they convinced our white leaders that “they” would collect on behalf of the black men, women and children. To this date, there are hundreds of women-owned and black businesses across Indiana that could provide services and perhaps more focused and positive exposure in our communities.

Yet, instead of contracting with these women and minority owned businesses, corporate America and our government is GIVING money to these not-for-profits who continue to ENTERTAIN tens of thousands of black folks each year during Black Expo and the Classic, while increasing the burden on tax payers—while year after year the economic and social status in the black community declines. Concerts don’t educate, Tavis Smiley and Sinbad speaking for 50 minutes I a large auditorium talking about his life, does educate, dance contest, galas, don’t educate. We are spending too much money that is intended for the minority community on ENTERTAINMENT.

There are MANY wonderful not-for-profits who get very little, like the Martin “Sickle Cell” Center on 35th College. They really need some funding.

We must stop bypassing legitimate black businesses that offer more than just a corporate luncheon for $2000 a table and a banner, but who offer actual products or services in return. Black businesses in the city of Indianapolis have received only a paltry 1-3 percent of city contracting 12-14% less than the commitment. Shameful.

You think DETROIT has problems? Look at the “high-quality” black elected officials Detroit has representing THEIR city.
Now, look at OUR new majority black representatives and what has happened to Indianapolis only after 4 years under their “absolute” rule.

Can you imagine how much time it will be before Indianapolis becomes Detroit and Detroit becomes the place we want to move to?

If the democrats in Marion County are elected AGAIN for 4 more years, they are going for EVERYTHING!!!! Every Contract, Every Dollar and ship it overseas. They will invoke the same shameful “parliamentary procedure” moves and "Roberts rules of Order" trumps the "Law" non-sense, this came from a licensed Attorney--they will RAMROD us with taxes and steal, steal, steal.

4 more years, that's all it will take. Look at the behavior of these black elected officials, its SHOCKING, the President of the counsel and the attorney who is supposed to be representing the council, is illegally blocking the President’s ethics investigation: Look at the exchange between Dr. Borst and them:

A constituent asked Monroe Gray ”why he voted on his own ethics hearing” hear his explanation.

Think about this for a moment, and PLEASE, VIEW THE VIDEO IF UNSURE before you answer this question:

“It's less than a MONTH from the election and LOOK how they are behaving, in OPEN view, ON camera. Humm…aren't we supposed to be at our best behavior, after-all we are campaigning?”

Well, guess what American, this IS their best behavior!!!! Use you imagination to determine what their "real" behavior is like, you'll be on the mark? Talk about hoodwinked. Still not sure? PLEASE, REVIEW THE VIDEO. If you are not sure, you HAVEN’T viewed the video. They are actually VERY funny (-:, you’ll probably want to keep them forever. Take at look at this one, it will crack you up:

Still not sure? Check this one out!!!


Running government is HARD--maintaining race-relations is even HARDER, especially in a city with a growing black population.

Indianapolis politics is involved in a power struggle between the black controlled city-county council/7th congressional district and its citizens. While the citizens left government to monitor itself they NOW realize the candidates that were subsequently elected do no possess the qualities necessary to lead our city and many have been involved in questionable conduct.

In our absence, over the years officials from both parties, in order to deal with the growing influential black voter, decided to make THEIR lives simpler and more predictable by just “agreeing behind closed doors” WHO would be Congressperson, WHO would be Mayor, WHO would be Judge, WHO would be on the CCC. Even future positions have already been negotiated, behind closed doors!

Under this system, the black person usually selected lacked formal education and was unable to get crossover votes--assuring they would never get uppity and run for Mayor or the Senate. A congressperson “should” also posses the necessary intellect and communication skills to be Mayor or a US Senator, otherwise they SHOULD NOT be in our nations capitol speaking on Hoosiers behalf, black OR white. Thus, under this system we acquired our set of black legislators. Not from the cream rising to the top, but back door deals with antiquated white party people and “dumb” black legislators.

This is the WORST type of racism ever played on black people in Indianapolis!

It’s SICK!

Our representatives must be FIT for the job, not just Black!

Our representatives must be educated, accomplished, healthy and ethical. We must have choices. No more carving up the positions by races behind closed doors, unless YOU take the Julia Carson’s. We want a 2007 newer model.

What we should EXPECT?!

From today on, so that we can regain balance, we MUST STOP THINKING ABOUT RACE when we vote on November 6, 2007. We are allowing representatives who not only lack the basic communications and reading skills necessary to represent this community but who are now ABUSING it by secretly raiding government contract set-aside companies with bogus start-up companies.

Many keep asking, when are the Feds going to get involved with what’s going on in the City of Indianapolis and Center Township. I’m sure this same “Carson Crew” or the Ghetto Mafia, are wondering the same thing. What do YOU think they are doing in the meantime…? Guess, think REAL hard now.

These legislators are caged lions, they MUST continue to fight until they are drug away, kicking and screaming all the way to the slammer. They will fight even worse than you’ve just seen on the videos above after the election.

4 More years of this and this city WILL BE DESTROYED and possibly bankrupt.

They are fighting using tax paying money, and RAISING out taxes to do.

We must send them go back into the private sector where competition will deal with them. We cannot continue to allow them to beat us up with OUR resources.

Worth repeating, Detroit here we come!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Indianapolis 101: Conservatives Must Save The Circle City Or Fall Like Detroit by Akindele Akinyemi

I had a very long and intense conversation with my sister Attorney Darla Y. Williams last night. She was giving be a lesson how her home town of Indianapolis is about to be turned into another Detroit. Now that is scary to me because I remember stopping through the Circle City on my way to Nashville many times and I can remember how nice the city looked.

Those days are long gone.
Attorney Williams explained how the city has gone from a respectable form of government to a more liberal style of government. Of course, I have said many times that when you allow liberals to run your city I guarantee you they will run it in the ground with overspending, socialist ideologies, failed public education, and raising your taxes to the extent of where you have an outstanding foreclosure rate that is astronomical.

Let's take this clown for instance. This is Monroe Gray. He is the City-County Council president (Indianapolis and Marion County are running an consolidated government). The Democrats hold a majority on the council while the Republicans hold a minority.

This guy is in trouble because Monroe Gray received city "set-a-side" money that should have gone to women and minority contractors who are certified by the City of Indianapolis. Monroe used his position on the council to use a bogus concrete company, Mid-Region Concrete, to get the contracts for himself. He hid his contracts from the public and his constituents until he was ordered to disclose them once the media found out about it. We must vote ALL of the democrats out of the city offices. They are stealing opportunities from women and minority businesses for themselves, their families and political cronies.

This damn near sounds like Former City Councilman Lonnie Bates here in Detroit.

When Republican members of the Indianapolis City-County Council said they might launch a renewed drive to open an ethics probe of council President Monroe Gray the council president (Gray), relying on procedural rules, effectively managed to shelve a proposal calling for an investigation into his business dealings at a council meeting three nights ago.

The broader investigation could include questions about Gray’s $83,000-per-year Indianapolis Fire Department job as political liaison to the council on which he sits.

This Democratic Councilman, Ron Gibson, struck a police officer last year. will run his bid for re-election to the City-County Council next month without the criminal case that has dogged him for the past year. A special prosecutor Wednesday dismissed misdemeanor charges accusing Gibson of shoving a police officer outside a bar in July 2006 during Indiana Black Expo’s Summer Celebration.

And it does not stop there at the city level. Wait until you see two of the state lawmakers who represent Indianapolis.

Like Bill Crawford. Here is a man who never finished high school and is a state representative. His HB 1566 is a bill that will (1) help mandate detailed record keeping, and (2) mandate a statistical analysis to better monitor (and help regulators enforce) minority business participation efforts.

The reality is this. Representative Crawford introduced legislation that allows the casinos, the universities, and all government agencies to no longer have to contract with minority businesses and instead can give to the not-for-profit companies he is affiliated with or controls such as Indiana Black Expo, the Concerned Clergy, and the Indianapolis Black Chamber Commerce. The bill expands the definition of "minority business enterprise" to include nonprofit corporations.

The bill was signed into law by Gov. Mitch Daniels.

Crawford, a former drunk Black Panther is always talking black, pimps the black community and speaking that nationalist BS. When he ran the Indiana Black Expo, he helped to bankrupt it while he was president and did not account for the funds. This sounds familiar with some of the foolishness here in Detroit. I keep saying over and over again this has nothing to do with Democrats and Republicans. This is a war on our values here in Detroit and every single urban area in Michigan. When Gov. Granholm signed into law to raise our taxes we should have been on the phone, on the Internet, etc. (as URBAN CONSERVATIVES) figuring out what was our next move in 2008 will be in terms of supporting our candidates who will support our agenda.
Furthermore, how does that bill that Crawford supports help women minority owners in Indianapolis?

But the next person I am about to bring up on the witness stand is the worst State Senator I have ever heard, seen or witnessed. Even worse than former State Sen. Henry Stallings from Detroit.

This is Sen. Glenn Howard (D) of Indianapolis. He had a pea shake (racketeering) busted in Indianapolis. He cried to the Indianapolis Star for writing the “biggest lie ever told” about his being involved in a recent pea shake raid.

In his own words:

“I don’t mind people lie, but don’t lie,” he said. He was on the scene thanking local residents for cleaning up drug problems, and when the raid happened, he was just asking what happened. “I’m in the paper because I talked to the police, and encouraged kids to get off the streets.” Seniors have a nice Thanksgiving thanks to pea shake houses. “I don’t know nuthin’ about gambling .... I don’t know nuthin’ ’bout none of this,” he said, noting that when he goes with senior citizens to Las Vegas, “I play golf.” “If I go lose five dollars, I’m through.” He continued, “If someone want to do somethin’, now that’s their business.” Sen. Howard added, “This is what people want to do, that’s their business. We’ve got to stop meddling in their business.” “If I want to gamble, that’s my business,” and he seemed to hint, in closing, that police were hypocritical because they shake down the pea house proprietors at Christmas time for money for the toy funds they maintain for underprivileged kids."

-Source Indiana Gaming Insight

I have never heard ANY State Senator in recent times talk as ignorant as this one. Not even Sen. Irma Clark-Coleman from Detroit. At least she can articulate her positions.

Senator Glenn Howard was once reminded, by a lawyer whom he defamed, that he was a "Senator" and should behave like one. His angry response was "I ain't no Goddamn Senator, I'm a nigga! The lawyer replied, "That may very well be, but your constituents have a right to know this."

That lawyer was Atty. Darla Williams.

And I cannot leave out the Ghetto Mafia's Queen on the Throne: Congresswoman Julia Carson.

It was her crew that tore down a park for toddlers and young children to build an exclusive parking lot for a tavern/bar.

For example, the wife of City-County Council President Monroe Gray, Teresa Gray is an investor in the bar. Then there's Lacy Johnson, the father who's been hiding behind his son's namesake, who is Julia Carson's long-time political campaign manager and partner at Ice Miller. And Joyce Rogers, who is Indiana Black Expo President.

Now Congresswoman Carson, who is part of the Democratic Congressional Black Caucus, has not finished school herself!!! This is a federal legislator that has taken so many people to hell in Indianapolis. Ask Julia how many college credit hours she has earned. If anyone had sense you would check her background.
Over the years her credentials have changed, but are not verifiable. No one has questioned her about her background. Julia have pimped the community and taxpayers long enough. Julia Carson used employees at the Trustee office to sign and mail in over 200 post cards to the Indianapolis Star to be named woman of the year. What the hell is that all about?
And this is Congresswoman Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick's friend and homie in the CBC!!!! Where is the integrity?
It will take conservatives like us to help our colleagues in Indianapolis to overcome liberalism. I hate to see Indianapolis turn into a Democratic wasteland. The city is coming off their first Super Bowl win. I would personally like to see Eric Dickerson run against Juila Carson for Congress again. Eric Dickerson is a Black Republican in Indianapolis.
We know our constituents are upset everywhere with the Democratic Party in urban areas across America. They are really upset with them here in every single urban area in Michigan as well as Indianapolis. An approval rating of 11% is criminal with the Democratic Leadership in Congress. Here in Michigan, the next state representative races in 2008 will determine if conservatives have the juice to balance power in the Michigan House of Representatives. I KNOW for a fact that we cannot wait for the RNC to give Black Republicans help in terms of campaigning. This will be OUR job to make that happen.
Let the RNC and their affiliates follow OUR lead for once. If we do not save our inner cities soon places like Indianapolis will end up like Detroit.
A complete wasteland.

If you vote for Peterson, you're an idiot

And that goes for Sweat Pea Monroe Gray, and the rest of the ghetto mafia running this city. IC has been sitting on the fence some watching some of the new blogs take shape, then patiently waiting for our main mole who has all but disappeared into the wind??

We are still watching, waiting, and looking for any opportunity to pounce.

Until then, get out and vote the right way for a change.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Let's play "guess the water company?" class

Many of you have read my ranting on here about the French water company currently screwing over Marion County, we posted the many corrupt dealings and current case law. Go back and look, then read this about Atlanta, you will see where you're all headed soon.

Thank god for well water in Hendricks County.

" The commissioner of Atlanta's Department of Watershed Management made a plea for conservation today because of the severe drought that has forced restrictions on 61 counties in north Georgia. Robert J. Hunter called it a drought "of historic magnitude." He said everyone must come together to protect and conserve limited water resources. The storage for Atlanta's water supply is Lake Lanier, located north of the city. Hunter said it provides water for one-third of the residents of Georgia. He said that now there is enough water in Lanier to serve the area for 121 days. Hunter joined Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklin at a news conference at City Hall to urge citizens in Atlanta and the surrounding area to do everything possible to conserve water.VIDEO: Lake Lanier May Run Out Of Water Soon
The 61 counties were placed under Drought Restriction Level Four on September 28 by the director of the Georgia Environmental Protection Division, which essentially is a ban on all outdoor watering. Hunter said a level four is called "exceptional, which is beyond extreme." Both Hunter and Franklin strongly endorsed better use of water in the home, such as having a plumber check for leaks. Franklin said the city is steadily making improvements on an outdated city water system, averaging about 700 repaired leaks a month."

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Moving the hell out of Marion County

IC just closed on a new home in Avon and ordered the NFL Sunday Ticket, so in short. Anyone else who's left behind, enjoy that new tax hike and the crime rate. LS will keep you all in mind when I happen to pop in down town, go to hell Bart Peterson 100k a year just landed in another county.

Keep it real folks, and yes, I will still vote for Ballard.

Bling bling can blow me, and so can Smithers.

I'ts been fun..


Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Theft is theft, LEO or not.

Well LPD Chief Grandy and his DC Lance seem to have Kimber .45's. These are $1200 pistols. Well you see , MCSD bought Kimber pistols a couple years ago to "try out". Swat got them and the hack supervisors. So someone needs to check with the city comptroller to see if all the weapons from MCSD are accounted for. IMPD has been trying to get this info but MCSD has yet to provide it. Hmmmm, also Grandy had made a change to the LPD policy of carrying locked and cocked .45's. It was not allowed previously, and is only allowed for off duty carry now. But they both wear them on duty in uniform. But Grandy will write some up for the simplest of infractions.
So are these tax payer funded guns that were never turned in?? And they could not have been "retirement" gifts. The reason, because no taxes were paid on these pistols. They have to be sent back to the seller and then re-sold.

Frankie, "bling bling" what are you thinking?

Frankie has issued an order that police perform the sexual offender registry checks that are required of the civil sheriff. Now he posted an order that states officers will be serving the court orders.

Will Frankie be eliminating the civil office? When did LEO's who are now understaffed and often have uncovered beats going to perform their new civil deputy function?

Perry Twp Constable getting over on us?

Ok, here is a link to see what 2006 assessments are.
His address is 163 W Thompson Rd. He has this enourmous garage that was built in 05. Prior to that being built he added on to the house. I wonder if he pulled permits. I looked on the County's website and it showed no permits ever being pulled for his home. His house has new siding and is landscaped very nice. I do not know his sq ft but I believe he has a 3br home w/ a dinning room. My home is a 2br, 1ba, living room, kithcen, and NO dinning room. The sq ft of my home is 765 and the basement which isn't finished is 765. I have the OLD aluminum siding and until this past March I had little landscaping. I have a tiny one car garage and there isn't anything special about my property. If you were to look at both properties you would consider his much nicer than mine and most in the neighborhood. The home on the east side of him is no where near as nice but it has a 2 car garge and I would assume close to the same sq ft but his assessed value is still lower. To my knowledge he has lived here for a long time.
When the new tax assessments came out I looked up his and he only went up $5k to $67k. My assessment went up $12k to $74k. BULLCRAP!!!! His house should have hit atleast (at least) $85K in opinion. I know the housing market and I would consider myself knowledgeable enough to know what a home is worth. I buy homes, live in them for a while why I fix them up and sell them. He has to have some hand in what his property value is.
Also, something else to look into. If our tax $ purchased his BRAND NEW Police Packedge Dodge Charger. If our tax money didn't pay for it then our tax money has at least paid for the plates. He has official police plates on the car. I tried asking around about this and was told all constables must provide their own cars but the twp will plate them for them. If that is the case then you can bet he avoided sales tax which would have been $1800 and up. Chargers are about $30k + for that trim package.
Oh, one more thing..........I would LOVE to know what these elected officials make. I was told by a few retired officers that they make $100K + for part time work

We're not dead, YET!

Due to personal reasons beyond our control we have been away and off line for longer than we would have liked. However, we'll be back up and running this evening or early tomorrow at the latest.

Thank you for the concern and emails, IC is fine and we're good to go.

Friday, September 7, 2007

From a concerned Mole

Joe Billerman, Send an Instant Message,,,
We the tax paying citizens of Indianapolis DEMAND to know why Joe Billerman was allowed to use company and tax payer funded busses to display his candidacy during the Labor Day Parade? Mr Billerman had his picture and campaign items posted on the front window of the city bus, as well as multiple additional locations.

This is an outrage, and we demand immediate action. So you know, this message will also be presented to local law enforcement, the mayors office, CCC, the Indy Star, and every blog out there.

Take action, we will not allow our money to be illegally wasted in this manner. There are multiple witnesses to this offense, and we are willing to provide proof. Why Billerman himself, at the beginning of the parade route, told an employee that he KNEW this was illegal. Rather than STOP, and REMOVE the items, he chose to continue on. Knowing full well that his actions were breaking the law, this is the person who's running for our CCC? This is the financial manager of your Indy Go operation?

If Mr. Billerman has any character at all, he will tell you the truth when asked about this. If not, then we will be happy to come forward and sign any appropriate document validating our claim.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Dealing with the homeless issue

Okay, so IC doesn't normally comment on issues outside of corruption. However, something HAS to be done about these clowns. Saturday LS took a 10 mile bike ride at around 9:00 in the morning to stake out our placement for the parade. I got to Washington Street by the government center when it began, an African American in his 30's on what was more than likely a stolen bike blocked my path on the sidewalk. "Hey man, brother to brother, pimp to pimp?" I said nothing, and rode around him. "Oh, it's like THAT then?" Sorry, have a nice day and good luck. I turned down by the cinema entrance to Circle Center, where, within two blocks, just about the SAME shit twice more. Finally I made it to monument circle and then over to Pennsylvania Street to take my place. After trying to keep down my hot dog after listening to the blatant rhetoric from the likes of Joan Carter, Bling bling, and having watched Ballard throw in the towel, I decided to head back over to the U Bon Pain and have a sammich, and some tea.

4 times within 30 minutes I was approached looking for smokes, money, and leered at. Parked on the street were three LEO IMPD officers, and one Cumberland cop. They had some good conversation, and I went over to let them know my thoughts. Apparently the ACLU has jumped in over the crack down and thrown a wrench into trying to clean this crap up, look, we are compassionate to a point and would help someone down on their luck, even give them the shirt off of my back if it would do some good. LS has volunteered at the homeless shelter more than once, and even on holidays. However, this is more of a sub culture than it is getting upset with the needy folks who have mental issues, or no hope for a meaningful job at their age.

No, what LS saw down on the circle was a group of young kids who looked highly strung out on drugs. About 10 of them took over the Chocolate Factories tables out front, then "no joke" proceeded to pass a joint around with the LEO's not more than 10-15 feet from them watching the construction happening for the concert Thursday night. Having observed that, LS thought back to the days of our youth, then went in and got an ice cream cone to stay longer and watch the show. 10 minutes later, one of the young girls came over and told me that she was hungry. I just told her that I would not do her any good, and that drugs are bad for you. She flipped me off and went back over there with the rest who then leered at me. Hey, LS can take care of myself, and this and the construction interested me enough to sit there a while longer and at least eat our ice cream before riding home.

Well, 5 minutes or less later. Here comes another one. One this time, he tried to hand me a flyer telling me god loves me, and if I came to church he would buy me a cup of coffee? I let him know that I was in fat not homeless, poor, or in need of finding my way and thanked him for leaving me alone. No sooner had he walked away, when another kid came out of no where with his hand real high up in the air like I was supposed to "High Five" him? Now this kid looked like trouble, I gave him a stern look and said. "I do not know you, nor am I going to shake your hand. I am not going to give you anything, now leave while I enjoy my ice cream or I will paint your ass up and down the sidewalk!" He called me a mf'er, and something else, then went over to the other kids.

What in the hell has our down town turned into? I went into the Chocolate Factory and complained, but it was nothing but kids in there. I went back over the now 6-7 LEO's standing there and just vented a little, then mentioned some of the blogs to them and rode off into the sunset.

I don't have a solution off the top of my head for the problem we're facing down there, but I can tell you this much. With the suits from the NFL in town this week, and Bart's desire to host a Super Bowl. That isn't going to happen if any of them happen to take a walk around what's supposed to be the center peace of our city, rather, like anyone with common sense, they will get the hell out of here as quickly as possible.

That Parade on Sunday was a joke

LS took the opportunity to ride on down there on the bike, then hang out up close to the however our battery for the digital camera went out early.

Things we observed:

Bart Peterson had NO voice, he could hardly whisper when he got up on stage. He was hardly audible, and must have had his hose turned on a lot recently. IC thinks he heard footsteps, more on that later, it's pretty interesting.

Who is the guy with Indy Go with the beginning name of Joe "something last name?" We ask as his employees had illegally posted his pictures on the front window of the bus, and we have witnesses. IC thinks we need to make light of this, but can't remember his last name. Anyone?

Okay, so Andre was there pressing the flesh. Frank was the master of ceremonies, he got up there and mush mouthed something out that we could not discern.

Then there was Julia, her Black 300 came up with the folks up at the mic trying to get the crowd to chant "We love Julia" one of two people half assed that. "chuckle" Now, IC does not know if she was into the ripple that early in the morning, or if she has just gotten that bad health wise. But, she could not get herself out of the car, make it on stage, or even stand up on her own. Literally three people helped her out of the car, while two others held her up while the 3rd held the mic. LS is not kidding, she mush mouthed a couple of labor this labor that, then she said something that really shocked us. "They need to come up there and put some of us in jail" WHAT? Not kidding at all, she said that clear as day. If you haven't seen the youtube we posted on here not that long ago, look it up a couple of weeks past, she is worse than that now.

Oddest thing of the day happened when the final truck in the parade came out. It was a red Ford, and it had "Greg Ballard" on the side of it. The crowd had all but left by this point, but there he was. Walking behind the truck with a couple of people and pressing the flesh for all he had. A lot of people were happy to see him, at least those that were there. LS followed him on the bike, he went one block and was done. It was both funny and sad at the same time, this guy IMO needs more support or we are going to get much of the same.

We'll have plenty of updates on items posted here for you guys/gals later on in the week. Until then, enjoy the rest of your holiday and stay safe out there.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

More CONsolidation news to share.

Subject: Washington Township IFD Consolidation
Date: July 11, 2006

I have preliminary reviewed the issues surrounding the pending consolidation of the Washington Township Fire Department with IFD into the consolidated city fire department. I have identified three issues that could affect the validity of the pending action.

1. Did the township comply with the notice requirements of the applicable statute?
2. Was there a quorum of the township board present when the township resolution was approved?
3. Can members of the City Council who are firefighters cast a vote on the consolidation resolution?
4. Is the statute on consolidation constitutional?

The first issue is whether the township board complied with the requirements of 1C 36-3-1-6.1, specifically subsection (g) of that statute. That statute says:
A township legislative body, after approval by the township trustee, may adopt a resolution approving the consolidation .... A township legislative body may adopt a resolution under this subsection only after the township legislative body has held a public hearing concerning the proposed consolidation. The township legislative body shall hold such hearing not earlier than thirty (30) days after the date the resolution was introduced.
The facts, as I understand them, are that the township contends that a public hearing held in August of 2005 on a resolution that had been introduced, but not approved by the township trustee, constitutes a public hearing under this statute and that a hearing held a few days after the Trustee had approved a substantially different resolution did not have to be subject to another public hearing. There also seems to be some uncertainty at this point whether or not the initial public hearing or the meeting at which the resolution was adopted were properly called and advertised.

It seems to me the clear intention of the statute is that the public hearing will be held on the resolution that is to be adopted; not on some general resolution on consolidation. If a required hearing was not held and advertised as required by statute, then the actions of the Board in acting on the resolution would be void.
The second issue is whether there was a quorum present at the meeting at which the resolution was adopted and whether that meeting itself was properly advertised. As of the writing of this memorandum, we have not determined whether or not the proper notice was given of that meeting. As I understand the facts, the board meeting was held with only four members present. One of those members was the president of the board who stated during the meeting that she had moved the prior week, but also made some comment to the fact that she did not intend to move her residence until the end of June.
The statute on township boards in Marion County clearly states that the seat becomes vacant when the board member no longer resides in the district. The question will be whether or not the moving of her furniture and her family to another location does, in fact, change her residence. There are really two factors involved in this. The first is the fact that the Evan Bayh case suggests that residence may be a matter of intention, not physical presence. However, the statute does suggest some indications of residence, which would seem, perhaps, to be violated by the actions taken by the president of the board.
Third, there is a question whether or not a firefighter may vote on the consolidation resolution if, in fact, that occurs. There are two issues in that respect.

The first is whether the City Code providing for disqualification of council members on mattes of conflict would be violated by a councilor not abstaining on the issue. The provisions of the Code dealing with that matter are in Section 151-152(b). It would seem to me that the criteria set forth for making the decision, which clearly indicate that four of the five considerations would argue in favor of disqualification. It is hard to believe that a member of the fire department or a member of the family of a firefighter could state that the interest did not affect their independence of judgment. Certainly, the public would not believe that the councilor was voting in a disinterested manner. There seems little need for a particular subject matter knowledge in determining this issue. Undeniably the adoption of the consolidation would have a unique, direct and material affect on the councilor's non-legislative income. It is important to note that subsection (c) of that section requires that the interest of the councilor be challenged by motion to disqualify the councilor prior to the announcement of the vote being taken.

There is a second subsidiary issue of whether or not the statute that allows employees of the city, particularly officers of the police and fire department, may sit on the council is constitutional. The statute that permits that has not been challenged, although the language of the statute would seem to be contrary to a prior Court of Appeals decision on that matter.
Fourth, there may be questions about whether or not the provisions in the consolidation statute are itself constitutional. It is clear that this section on consolidation of fire services is a special statute applicable only to consolidated cities as is stated in subsection (a) of the consolidation section. Under the Supreme Court decision in the South Bend annexation case, there could be an argument made that this is not a proper classification.

A more serious question may be raised about whether or not this provides for the implication of the imposition of special taxes perhaps on persons not receiving the service. The statute fails to provide a separate taxing district for the consolidated city fire department. It makes some inconsistent statements in subsection (h) about the imposition of taxes. While it states that the consolidated city may levy taxes within the consolidated city's permissible tax rate, but that levy limit applies to the consolidated city, which is the county less the excluded cities. Then it goes on to say that "however these taxes may be levied only within the fire special services district and any townships that have a consolidated fire department under this section." Does this mean that the City-County Council could levy a tax separate from the FSSD rate on property in Washington Township? have been involved in the determination of how property taxes are levied and assessed in the consolidated city for at least thirty-six of the thirty-eight years that those taxes have been assessed, and I have no idea how one would determine how the property tax limits apply to the levying of taxes for the payment of the expenses of the consolidated fire department under this section.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

So Bart, tell us again about the water savings

That people will keep their jobs, and another bed time story. I don't know about the rest of you, but my bill has gone WAY up and the service has gone WAY down. Can't wait until we pin down some more stuff on this company, and our corrupt government. A lot of large amounts of money changed hands in a very short period of time, remember that.

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