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Worth repeating, Detroit here we come!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Indianapolis 101: Conservatives Must Save The Circle City Or Fall Like Detroit by Akindele Akinyemi

I had a very long and intense conversation with my sister Attorney Darla Y. Williams last night. She was giving be a lesson how her home town of Indianapolis is about to be turned into another Detroit. Now that is scary to me because I remember stopping through the Circle City on my way to Nashville many times and I can remember how nice the city looked.

Those days are long gone.
Attorney Williams explained how the city has gone from a respectable form of government to a more liberal style of government. Of course, I have said many times that when you allow liberals to run your city I guarantee you they will run it in the ground with overspending, socialist ideologies, failed public education, and raising your taxes to the extent of where you have an outstanding foreclosure rate that is astronomical.

Let's take this clown for instance. This is Monroe Gray. He is the City-County Council president (Indianapolis and Marion County are running an consolidated government). The Democrats hold a majority on the council while the Republicans hold a minority.

This guy is in trouble because Monroe Gray received city "set-a-side" money that should have gone to women and minority contractors who are certified by the City of Indianapolis. Monroe used his position on the council to use a bogus concrete company, Mid-Region Concrete, to get the contracts for himself. He hid his contracts from the public and his constituents until he was ordered to disclose them once the media found out about it. We must vote ALL of the democrats out of the city offices. They are stealing opportunities from women and minority businesses for themselves, their families and political cronies.

This damn near sounds like Former City Councilman Lonnie Bates here in Detroit.

When Republican members of the Indianapolis City-County Council said they might launch a renewed drive to open an ethics probe of council President Monroe Gray the council president (Gray), relying on procedural rules, effectively managed to shelve a proposal calling for an investigation into his business dealings at a council meeting three nights ago.

The broader investigation could include questions about Gray’s $83,000-per-year Indianapolis Fire Department job as political liaison to the council on which he sits.

This Democratic Councilman, Ron Gibson, struck a police officer last year. will run his bid for re-election to the City-County Council next month without the criminal case that has dogged him for the past year. A special prosecutor Wednesday dismissed misdemeanor charges accusing Gibson of shoving a police officer outside a bar in July 2006 during Indiana Black Expo’s Summer Celebration.

And it does not stop there at the city level. Wait until you see two of the state lawmakers who represent Indianapolis.

Like Bill Crawford. Here is a man who never finished high school and is a state representative. His HB 1566 is a bill that will (1) help mandate detailed record keeping, and (2) mandate a statistical analysis to better monitor (and help regulators enforce) minority business participation efforts.

The reality is this. Representative Crawford introduced legislation that allows the casinos, the universities, and all government agencies to no longer have to contract with minority businesses and instead can give to the not-for-profit companies he is affiliated with or controls such as Indiana Black Expo, the Concerned Clergy, and the Indianapolis Black Chamber Commerce. The bill expands the definition of "minority business enterprise" to include nonprofit corporations.

The bill was signed into law by Gov. Mitch Daniels.

Crawford, a former drunk Black Panther is always talking black, pimps the black community and speaking that nationalist BS. When he ran the Indiana Black Expo, he helped to bankrupt it while he was president and did not account for the funds. This sounds familiar with some of the foolishness here in Detroit. I keep saying over and over again this has nothing to do with Democrats and Republicans. This is a war on our values here in Detroit and every single urban area in Michigan. When Gov. Granholm signed into law to raise our taxes we should have been on the phone, on the Internet, etc. (as URBAN CONSERVATIVES) figuring out what was our next move in 2008 will be in terms of supporting our candidates who will support our agenda.
Furthermore, how does that bill that Crawford supports help women minority owners in Indianapolis?

But the next person I am about to bring up on the witness stand is the worst State Senator I have ever heard, seen or witnessed. Even worse than former State Sen. Henry Stallings from Detroit.

This is Sen. Glenn Howard (D) of Indianapolis. He had a pea shake (racketeering) busted in Indianapolis. He cried to the Indianapolis Star for writing the “biggest lie ever told” about his being involved in a recent pea shake raid.

In his own words:

“I don’t mind people lie, but don’t lie,” he said. He was on the scene thanking local residents for cleaning up drug problems, and when the raid happened, he was just asking what happened. “I’m in the paper because I talked to the police, and encouraged kids to get off the streets.” Seniors have a nice Thanksgiving thanks to pea shake houses. “I don’t know nuthin’ about gambling .... I don’t know nuthin’ ’bout none of this,” he said, noting that when he goes with senior citizens to Las Vegas, “I play golf.” “If I go lose five dollars, I’m through.” He continued, “If someone want to do somethin’, now that’s their business.” Sen. Howard added, “This is what people want to do, that’s their business. We’ve got to stop meddling in their business.” “If I want to gamble, that’s my business,” and he seemed to hint, in closing, that police were hypocritical because they shake down the pea house proprietors at Christmas time for money for the toy funds they maintain for underprivileged kids."

-Source Indiana Gaming Insight

I have never heard ANY State Senator in recent times talk as ignorant as this one. Not even Sen. Irma Clark-Coleman from Detroit. At least she can articulate her positions.

Senator Glenn Howard was once reminded, by a lawyer whom he defamed, that he was a "Senator" and should behave like one. His angry response was "I ain't no Goddamn Senator, I'm a nigga! The lawyer replied, "That may very well be, but your constituents have a right to know this."

That lawyer was Atty. Darla Williams.

And I cannot leave out the Ghetto Mafia's Queen on the Throne: Congresswoman Julia Carson.

It was her crew that tore down a park for toddlers and young children to build an exclusive parking lot for a tavern/bar.

For example, the wife of City-County Council President Monroe Gray, Teresa Gray is an investor in the bar. Then there's Lacy Johnson, the father who's been hiding behind his son's namesake, who is Julia Carson's long-time political campaign manager and partner at Ice Miller. And Joyce Rogers, who is Indiana Black Expo President.

Now Congresswoman Carson, who is part of the Democratic Congressional Black Caucus, has not finished school herself!!! This is a federal legislator that has taken so many people to hell in Indianapolis. Ask Julia how many college credit hours she has earned. If anyone had sense you would check her background.
Over the years her credentials have changed, but are not verifiable. No one has questioned her about her background. Julia have pimped the community and taxpayers long enough. Julia Carson used employees at the Trustee office to sign and mail in over 200 post cards to the Indianapolis Star to be named woman of the year. What the hell is that all about?
And this is Congresswoman Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick's friend and homie in the CBC!!!! Where is the integrity?
It will take conservatives like us to help our colleagues in Indianapolis to overcome liberalism. I hate to see Indianapolis turn into a Democratic wasteland. The city is coming off their first Super Bowl win. I would personally like to see Eric Dickerson run against Juila Carson for Congress again. Eric Dickerson is a Black Republican in Indianapolis.
We know our constituents are upset everywhere with the Democratic Party in urban areas across America. They are really upset with them here in every single urban area in Michigan as well as Indianapolis. An approval rating of 11% is criminal with the Democratic Leadership in Congress. Here in Michigan, the next state representative races in 2008 will determine if conservatives have the juice to balance power in the Michigan House of Representatives. I KNOW for a fact that we cannot wait for the RNC to give Black Republicans help in terms of campaigning. This will be OUR job to make that happen.
Let the RNC and their affiliates follow OUR lead for once. If we do not save our inner cities soon places like Indianapolis will end up like Detroit.
A complete wasteland.

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