Friday, September 7, 2007

From a concerned Mole

Joe Billerman, Send an Instant Message,,,
We the tax paying citizens of Indianapolis DEMAND to know why Joe Billerman was allowed to use company and tax payer funded busses to display his candidacy during the Labor Day Parade? Mr Billerman had his picture and campaign items posted on the front window of the city bus, as well as multiple additional locations.

This is an outrage, and we demand immediate action. So you know, this message will also be presented to local law enforcement, the mayors office, CCC, the Indy Star, and every blog out there.

Take action, we will not allow our money to be illegally wasted in this manner. There are multiple witnesses to this offense, and we are willing to provide proof. Why Billerman himself, at the beginning of the parade route, told an employee that he KNEW this was illegal. Rather than STOP, and REMOVE the items, he chose to continue on. Knowing full well that his actions were breaking the law, this is the person who's running for our CCC? This is the financial manager of your Indy Go operation?

If Mr. Billerman has any character at all, he will tell you the truth when asked about this. If not, then we will be happy to come forward and sign any appropriate document validating our claim.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Dealing with the homeless issue

Okay, so IC doesn't normally comment on issues outside of corruption. However, something HAS to be done about these clowns. Saturday LS took a 10 mile bike ride at around 9:00 in the morning to stake out our placement for the parade. I got to Washington Street by the government center when it began, an African American in his 30's on what was more than likely a stolen bike blocked my path on the sidewalk. "Hey man, brother to brother, pimp to pimp?" I said nothing, and rode around him. "Oh, it's like THAT then?" Sorry, have a nice day and good luck. I turned down by the cinema entrance to Circle Center, where, within two blocks, just about the SAME shit twice more. Finally I made it to monument circle and then over to Pennsylvania Street to take my place. After trying to keep down my hot dog after listening to the blatant rhetoric from the likes of Joan Carter, Bling bling, and having watched Ballard throw in the towel, I decided to head back over to the U Bon Pain and have a sammich, and some tea.

4 times within 30 minutes I was approached looking for smokes, money, and leered at. Parked on the street were three LEO IMPD officers, and one Cumberland cop. They had some good conversation, and I went over to let them know my thoughts. Apparently the ACLU has jumped in over the crack down and thrown a wrench into trying to clean this crap up, look, we are compassionate to a point and would help someone down on their luck, even give them the shirt off of my back if it would do some good. LS has volunteered at the homeless shelter more than once, and even on holidays. However, this is more of a sub culture than it is getting upset with the needy folks who have mental issues, or no hope for a meaningful job at their age.

No, what LS saw down on the circle was a group of young kids who looked highly strung out on drugs. About 10 of them took over the Chocolate Factories tables out front, then "no joke" proceeded to pass a joint around with the LEO's not more than 10-15 feet from them watching the construction happening for the concert Thursday night. Having observed that, LS thought back to the days of our youth, then went in and got an ice cream cone to stay longer and watch the show. 10 minutes later, one of the young girls came over and told me that she was hungry. I just told her that I would not do her any good, and that drugs are bad for you. She flipped me off and went back over there with the rest who then leered at me. Hey, LS can take care of myself, and this and the construction interested me enough to sit there a while longer and at least eat our ice cream before riding home.

Well, 5 minutes or less later. Here comes another one. One this time, he tried to hand me a flyer telling me god loves me, and if I came to church he would buy me a cup of coffee? I let him know that I was in fat not homeless, poor, or in need of finding my way and thanked him for leaving me alone. No sooner had he walked away, when another kid came out of no where with his hand real high up in the air like I was supposed to "High Five" him? Now this kid looked like trouble, I gave him a stern look and said. "I do not know you, nor am I going to shake your hand. I am not going to give you anything, now leave while I enjoy my ice cream or I will paint your ass up and down the sidewalk!" He called me a mf'er, and something else, then went over to the other kids.

What in the hell has our down town turned into? I went into the Chocolate Factory and complained, but it was nothing but kids in there. I went back over the now 6-7 LEO's standing there and just vented a little, then mentioned some of the blogs to them and rode off into the sunset.

I don't have a solution off the top of my head for the problem we're facing down there, but I can tell you this much. With the suits from the NFL in town this week, and Bart's desire to host a Super Bowl. That isn't going to happen if any of them happen to take a walk around what's supposed to be the center peace of our city, rather, like anyone with common sense, they will get the hell out of here as quickly as possible.

That Parade on Sunday was a joke

LS took the opportunity to ride on down there on the bike, then hang out up close to the however our battery for the digital camera went out early.

Things we observed:

Bart Peterson had NO voice, he could hardly whisper when he got up on stage. He was hardly audible, and must have had his hose turned on a lot recently. IC thinks he heard footsteps, more on that later, it's pretty interesting.

Who is the guy with Indy Go with the beginning name of Joe "something last name?" We ask as his employees had illegally posted his pictures on the front window of the bus, and we have witnesses. IC thinks we need to make light of this, but can't remember his last name. Anyone?

Okay, so Andre was there pressing the flesh. Frank was the master of ceremonies, he got up there and mush mouthed something out that we could not discern.

Then there was Julia, her Black 300 came up with the folks up at the mic trying to get the crowd to chant "We love Julia" one of two people half assed that. "chuckle" Now, IC does not know if she was into the ripple that early in the morning, or if she has just gotten that bad health wise. But, she could not get herself out of the car, make it on stage, or even stand up on her own. Literally three people helped her out of the car, while two others held her up while the 3rd held the mic. LS is not kidding, she mush mouthed a couple of labor this labor that, then she said something that really shocked us. "They need to come up there and put some of us in jail" WHAT? Not kidding at all, she said that clear as day. If you haven't seen the youtube we posted on here not that long ago, look it up a couple of weeks past, she is worse than that now.

Oddest thing of the day happened when the final truck in the parade came out. It was a red Ford, and it had "Greg Ballard" on the side of it. The crowd had all but left by this point, but there he was. Walking behind the truck with a couple of people and pressing the flesh for all he had. A lot of people were happy to see him, at least those that were there. LS followed him on the bike, he went one block and was done. It was both funny and sad at the same time, this guy IMO needs more support or we are going to get much of the same.

We'll have plenty of updates on items posted here for you guys/gals later on in the week. Until then, enjoy the rest of your holiday and stay safe out there.
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