Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Theft is theft, LEO or not.

Well LPD Chief Grandy and his DC Lance seem to have Kimber .45's. These are $1200 pistols. Well you see , MCSD bought Kimber pistols a couple years ago to "try out". Swat got them and the hack supervisors. So someone needs to check with the city comptroller to see if all the weapons from MCSD are accounted for. IMPD has been trying to get this info but MCSD has yet to provide it. Hmmmm, also Grandy had made a change to the LPD policy of carrying locked and cocked .45's. It was not allowed previously, and is only allowed for off duty carry now. But they both wear them on duty in uniform. But Grandy will write some up for the simplest of infractions.
So are these tax payer funded guns that were never turned in?? And they could not have been "retirement" gifts. The reason, because no taxes were paid on these pistols. They have to be sent back to the seller and then re-sold.

Frankie, "bling bling" what are you thinking?

Frankie has issued an order that police perform the sexual offender registry checks that are required of the civil sheriff. Now he posted an order that states officers will be serving the court orders.

Will Frankie be eliminating the civil office? When did LEO's who are now understaffed and often have uncovered beats going to perform their new civil deputy function?

Perry Twp Constable getting over on us?

Ok, here is a link to see what 2006 assessments are.
His address is 163 W Thompson Rd. He has this enourmous garage that was built in 05. Prior to that being built he added on to the house. I wonder if he pulled permits. I looked on the County's website and it showed no permits ever being pulled for his home. His house has new siding and is landscaped very nice. I do not know his sq ft but I believe he has a 3br home w/ a dinning room. My home is a 2br, 1ba, living room, kithcen, and NO dinning room. The sq ft of my home is 765 and the basement which isn't finished is 765. I have the OLD aluminum siding and until this past March I had little landscaping. I have a tiny one car garage and there isn't anything special about my property. If you were to look at both properties you would consider his much nicer than mine and most in the neighborhood. The home on the east side of him is no where near as nice but it has a 2 car garge and I would assume close to the same sq ft but his assessed value is still lower. To my knowledge he has lived here for a long time.
When the new tax assessments came out I looked up his and he only went up $5k to $67k. My assessment went up $12k to $74k. BULLCRAP!!!! His house should have hit atleast (at least) $85K in opinion. I know the housing market and I would consider myself knowledgeable enough to know what a home is worth. I buy homes, live in them for a while why I fix them up and sell them. He has to have some hand in what his property value is.
Also, something else to look into. If our tax $ purchased his BRAND NEW Police Packedge Dodge Charger. If our tax money didn't pay for it then our tax money has at least paid for the plates. He has official police plates on the car. I tried asking around about this and was told all constables must provide their own cars but the twp will plate them for them. If that is the case then you can bet he avoided sales tax which would have been $1800 and up. Chargers are about $30k + for that trim package.
Oh, one more thing..........I would LOVE to know what these elected officials make. I was told by a few retired officers that they make $100K + for part time work

We're not dead, YET!

Due to personal reasons beyond our control we have been away and off line for longer than we would have liked. However, we'll be back up and running this evening or early tomorrow at the latest.

Thank you for the concern and emails, IC is fine and we're good to go.
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