Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Frankie, "bling bling" what are you thinking?

Frankie has issued an order that police perform the sexual offender registry checks that are required of the civil sheriff. Now he posted an order that states officers will be serving the court orders.

Will Frankie be eliminating the civil office? When did LEO's who are now understaffed and often have uncovered beats going to perform their new civil deputy function?


Anonymous said...

Don't all the civil deputies go home by 3:00 p.m., after they've spent the day parking in Police designated parking spots?

...and try to find a civil deputy, Joe McAtee & Dan Hughes on a Friday at 3:00 p.m.!!!

Anonymous said...

My car has 179,000 miles and is 8 years looks different than most other cars because it was not marked for IMPD. During the few moments I am not at the garage getting something repaired or rebuilt I'm usually taking the PAO runs that were put in our run queue. Yep, my sarge said when he asked them to put it where it belonged the comm civilians refused, saying it was their "policy" not to correct mistakes of their incompetent dispatchers.

Now, we are serving all the court orders & repossessions, and checking compliance on sex offenders.

When do police respond to that burglary-in-progress call to a citizen's home or maybe take a person shot call???

I'll probably be serving a restraining order and watching someone load a moving van on a court-ordered eviction when those calls come in.

Anonymous said...

But hey what the heck..remember we are to 'protect and serve"..evidently we are past the 'protect' phase and now into the 'serve' phase of our LE careers.
AND the sheriff gets a fee for all civil process served!!!!!!

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