Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Theft is theft, LEO or not.

Well LPD Chief Grandy and his DC Lance seem to have Kimber .45's. These are $1200 pistols. Well you see , MCSD bought Kimber pistols a couple years ago to "try out". Swat got them and the hack supervisors. So someone needs to check with the city comptroller to see if all the weapons from MCSD are accounted for. IMPD has been trying to get this info but MCSD has yet to provide it. Hmmmm, also Grandy had made a change to the LPD policy of carrying locked and cocked .45's. It was not allowed previously, and is only allowed for off duty carry now. But they both wear them on duty in uniform. But Grandy will write some up for the simplest of infractions.
So are these tax payer funded guns that were never turned in?? And they could not have been "retirement" gifts. The reason, because no taxes were paid on these pistols. They have to be sent back to the seller and then re-sold.


Anonymous said... mean the sheriff's department has to follow the rules, also?

What good did it do to destroy IPD if we knew the sheriff department would still have to obey the law!!

LEO Supporter said...

Apparently they have their own set of rules.

Anonymous said...

LPD Leos..Does your Chief have a leased SUV like he did at MCSD?

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