Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Moving the hell out of Marion County

IC just closed on a new home in Avon and ordered the NFL Sunday Ticket, so in short. Anyone else who's left behind, enjoy that new tax hike and the crime rate. LS will keep you all in mind when I happen to pop in down town, go to hell Bart Peterson 100k a year just landed in another county.

Keep it real folks, and yes, I will still vote for Ballard.

Bling bling can blow me, and so can Smithers.

I'ts been fun..



Anonymous said...

Congrats! I never knew how much I would like NOT living in Marion County. In the town I moved to, the thugs are put in jail, panhandlers too.

I am moving my business out of MC soon to, I hope.

Gray and Sanders can KMA. Have fun running your welfare state.

Anonymous said...

Is this it for the blog? Sounds like your done. Cant blame you. Just curious if your closing shop.

one voice said...

congrats and welcome to Hendricks Co.

LEO Supporter said...

I will continue to monitor this email, and also update the site when something comes in. However, our main partner in this has completely disapeared, we would like him back!!

If you'll can keep the tips coming, I will keep posting them!!

mikeh said...

I've been planning to bring some business to Indy and the rest of the state. It's long term. But, I'm holding off and may go elsewhere. My beloved hometown is brcoming a pit. I refuse to deal with the current thieves and let them benefit by proxy.

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