Monday, September 3, 2007

Dealing with the homeless issue

Okay, so IC doesn't normally comment on issues outside of corruption. However, something HAS to be done about these clowns. Saturday LS took a 10 mile bike ride at around 9:00 in the morning to stake out our placement for the parade. I got to Washington Street by the government center when it began, an African American in his 30's on what was more than likely a stolen bike blocked my path on the sidewalk. "Hey man, brother to brother, pimp to pimp?" I said nothing, and rode around him. "Oh, it's like THAT then?" Sorry, have a nice day and good luck. I turned down by the cinema entrance to Circle Center, where, within two blocks, just about the SAME shit twice more. Finally I made it to monument circle and then over to Pennsylvania Street to take my place. After trying to keep down my hot dog after listening to the blatant rhetoric from the likes of Joan Carter, Bling bling, and having watched Ballard throw in the towel, I decided to head back over to the U Bon Pain and have a sammich, and some tea.

4 times within 30 minutes I was approached looking for smokes, money, and leered at. Parked on the street were three LEO IMPD officers, and one Cumberland cop. They had some good conversation, and I went over to let them know my thoughts. Apparently the ACLU has jumped in over the crack down and thrown a wrench into trying to clean this crap up, look, we are compassionate to a point and would help someone down on their luck, even give them the shirt off of my back if it would do some good. LS has volunteered at the homeless shelter more than once, and even on holidays. However, this is more of a sub culture than it is getting upset with the needy folks who have mental issues, or no hope for a meaningful job at their age.

No, what LS saw down on the circle was a group of young kids who looked highly strung out on drugs. About 10 of them took over the Chocolate Factories tables out front, then "no joke" proceeded to pass a joint around with the LEO's not more than 10-15 feet from them watching the construction happening for the concert Thursday night. Having observed that, LS thought back to the days of our youth, then went in and got an ice cream cone to stay longer and watch the show. 10 minutes later, one of the young girls came over and told me that she was hungry. I just told her that I would not do her any good, and that drugs are bad for you. She flipped me off and went back over there with the rest who then leered at me. Hey, LS can take care of myself, and this and the construction interested me enough to sit there a while longer and at least eat our ice cream before riding home.

Well, 5 minutes or less later. Here comes another one. One this time, he tried to hand me a flyer telling me god loves me, and if I came to church he would buy me a cup of coffee? I let him know that I was in fat not homeless, poor, or in need of finding my way and thanked him for leaving me alone. No sooner had he walked away, when another kid came out of no where with his hand real high up in the air like I was supposed to "High Five" him? Now this kid looked like trouble, I gave him a stern look and said. "I do not know you, nor am I going to shake your hand. I am not going to give you anything, now leave while I enjoy my ice cream or I will paint your ass up and down the sidewalk!" He called me a mf'er, and something else, then went over to the other kids.

What in the hell has our down town turned into? I went into the Chocolate Factory and complained, but it was nothing but kids in there. I went back over the now 6-7 LEO's standing there and just vented a little, then mentioned some of the blogs to them and rode off into the sunset.

I don't have a solution off the top of my head for the problem we're facing down there, but I can tell you this much. With the suits from the NFL in town this week, and Bart's desire to host a Super Bowl. That isn't going to happen if any of them happen to take a walk around what's supposed to be the center peace of our city, rather, like anyone with common sense, they will get the hell out of here as quickly as possible.


LEO Supporter said...

Laptop battery is about dead, and I Cannot see the screen very well. The grammar and spelling police should enjoy that rant!

Anonymous said...

But, much of what can be defined as panhandling is corruption -- on the individual level rather than the governmental.

Why we tolerate this sidewalk harassment is beyond me.

Remember Rudy Guliani's campaign in New York to get rid of the squeegee guys? Tolerance of the "minor" lawbreakers is evidence of a wider problem in a city.

Are you paying attention, Bart?

One Voice said...

I agree, this problem does need to go away. There are plenty of solutions but we all know NOTHING will be done.

I just wish I could walk down the street w/o being asked ONE TIME for change.

Hell, this even happens in some of the neighborhoods around town. I have been stopped while driving through and have been asked for change. As soon as they see my radio and vest they are quick to walk away. I only stop b/c I think I am being flagged down for help. I only wish I had a marked car sometimes. lol

Ps: I am not the police but I do have some law enforcement powers along w/ a badge, vest, and radio. My car is unmarked and these dumbasses can't tell what or who I am until after they flag me down. Sometimes I think they think I am a cop and need help. It'd be my luck I didn't stop and someone turns me in for not helping them.


Anonymous said...

What's it is turning into is the liberal bastion of San Francisco where naked homeless people deficate in public in front of the police and they can do nothing. Thank you ICLU. Is that next?

Anonymous said...

I went to the Colt's/Lions game last Saturday and was nearly accosted by a "patient" on Washington street. This guy had on hospital scrubs and a white wristband and was clearly messed up. Did he escape or was let out? I don't feel safe not being able to carry into the dome. I understand the reasons for that with homeland security but why can't feel safe walking three blocks to and from the parking garage? You have a nice world class downtown there Bart. Yet another reason to vote for Ballard...

Anonymous said...

Woo hoo! World class. Just like San Francisco, where I've actually been instructed by 'streeties' to bring whatever I don't eat out in a doggie bag for them when I leave.

Anonymous said...

The Democrats closed Central State....most downtown bums need an institution to provide for their mental health & hygiene, prevent access to illegal drugs, feed them, provide basic social services, and prevent the spread of AIDS etc.

If Democrats had not closed Central State Hospital, they would be in a safe environment and have their medical & social needs cared for properly. What's more humane? Throw them on the streets where they cannot take care of themselves? or provide a clean institution that is drug-free, where they get their treatments and have social development programs?

one voice said...

I agree w/ the poster above. They should have NEVER closed Central State. I would much rather see any tax money that is used on these mentall ill homeless being used on an institution that houses them. It would also provide safer streets.

one voice said...

Oh, one more thing.

I worked in the late 90's w/ some of the people who lived at central state. These people were taken from central state and put into apartments or houses w/ others and were provided staff 24 hrs a day. Some of them only needed about 8hrs a day. We would teach them Daily Activities of Living such as how to wash their dishes, run a vacum, balance a check book (rolls eyes) and so on.

Some of these people were high functioning and others were seriously mentally ill.

The funding that paid for the staffing is what the state set up in place of institutions.

That funding is now being taken away too! It is all part of the medicaid program. The go on what is called a Waiver Program and have a Case Manager.

Case Manager finds an agency to provide direct care staff. The STATE (Bureau of Disabilities) then looks at all the documentation regarding this person and determines HOW MANY hours of serice they need.

Since this program started back in the late 80's and early 90's the funding has been cut time and time again.

Some of the ppl who were taken from Central State, put into an apartment w/ staffing are no longer receiving these services b/c the state decided they no longer meet the eligability criteria (which they keep changing).

This is why we have more homeless now than ever.


LEO Supporter said...

Like I said, I don't mind the guy who's down on his luck and needs a hand up to get something to eat or the means to get back home.

I tell you what, LS will be down town tomorrow night. Indy will on the national stage, I'll bring a camera with fresh batteries and see what shakes out.

Anonymous said...

heard IMPD is running the homeless out of downtown before tomorrows colts festivities. way to go bling and bart

Anonymous said...

try to get some pics of homeless people with "Bart Lies" stickers on their backs.
They should be there!

Anonymous said...

Now the Wheeler Mission is adding beds downtown, It will only get worse. They are the source of many of the problems. Drive by there any time of the day or night especially after 9pm.

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