Wednesday, August 29, 2007

So Bart, tell us again about the water savings

That people will keep their jobs, and another bed time story. I don't know about the rest of you, but my bill has gone WAY up and the service has gone WAY down. Can't wait until we pin down some more stuff on this company, and our corrupt government. A lot of large amounts of money changed hands in a very short period of time, remember that.


Anonymous said...

Im hearing there is a site within that has vernon a brown listed as having 3 jobs.
1 as a full time firefighter
1 as a full time health department supervisor and
1 as a city county counselor.
can anyone comfirm this?

LEO Supporter said...

Sounds like he's busier than a one legged guy in an ass kicking contest, we are fortunate to have such dedication on our side.

Anonymous said...

There are a lot more things going on with Carlton Curry and, the gang at the water(Skunk)Works. And, now Carlton is trying to screw up Larryville-Some more!

The plot thickens! More to come.

Anonymous said...

This site is getting better all the time.

Should Peterson get fitted now for his jumpsuit?

Anonymous said...

vernon acts more in an advisory capacity for the health thing but does have 3 jobs technically. he does have time for coffee at HQ in the morning

Anonymous said...

Barto's letter says it all. He either didn't care or is a bold-faced liar.

Look at ALL the people that were laid off (fired). Benefits? Pensions? See ya.

As for effective management of the utility? What a crock. Where is the water? Where is the investment by fat cat Veolia?

I hope the mayor has such luck.

Sir Hailstone said...

Doesn't anyone find it mildly amusing that in this letter he more or less takes a jab at NiSource (the parent company of NIPSCO) and yet a land deal in Gary involving the City of Gary, NIPSCO, and The Precedent Companies netted Mayor Bart a cool million or so in campaign cash to jumpstart his campaign?

So said Joe Friday way back when on IndyUndercover

Anonymous said...

There are 2 Vernon Browns working for the city. Be careful with that one.

Anonymous said...

there is also a sight that gives the various incomes of all city employees

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