Monday, August 27, 2007

Let it out about the Tax Forum last night!

IC read the online spin from the Ryerson red rag, then went to the comments section to hear about what REALLY happened. For any of you who were there, yes, we had someone there, LS could not attend due to a personal matter. So we need to hear it from you folks, get the truth out here on the blog.

What happened, did the meeting end early with people still wanted to ask questions because Bart was taking a beating? Did the crowd jeer him? Did they applaud for Ballard? IC has heard there were 400 to as low as 200 people there?

Spill the beans..


Anonymous said...

I thought it was strange that the meeting ended more than 1/2 hour early with all those taxpayers waiting at microphones to speak.

I thought the meeting, at a church, was FOR the taxpayers. This meeting seemed to me to be more geared for the panelists and not the people.

I think that was incredibly rude of the Bishop and made me think he's trying to protect the mayor from a further thrashing by the public.

Anonymous said...

My take on the evening:

Greg Wright- VERY compelling (schools get 50% of our prop. tax $). Need more folks like him to run for school board and say NO to frivilous spending and putting an end to $1.00 a yr premiums for health coverage for school administrators.

Bart- nothing new from his mouth...he switched from looking mortified to angry except when he put on his campaign face

Greg Ballard- strong comments directed at the mayor with some muscle behind them. Needs to keep this up and present more specifics on his plan.

Teresa Lubbers- blah blah blah... come to Gospel-Acc.-to-Luke Kenley mtgs.-blah blah blah.

The Star's headline was very misleading...progress WAS made! Taxes are an emotional topic with the devil in details that even elected officials can't understand.

All in all, good starting point...need less rhetoric & more details from politicos; need greater public involvement and willingness to ask hard questions.

Anonymous said...

T. Garrott Benjamin is one of those Prophets for Profits. He drives around in a $90,000 car, just as Jesus would. He also struts around in his $2500 suits. Christ, he could get a better looking suit at Leon Tayloring for less than $1000.

Bishop Benjamin is scum.

Anonymous said...

The only reason Bart didn't get booed, is because Reverend Ajabu, and the Bishop asked folks not to.

Ballard put a boot up Bart, and got several standing "Os". Bart got crickets chirping.

Wright was dead on.

Lubbers name should be changed to Blubbers, 'cause that's all she did.

Price dropped the neutron bomb, but it hasn't registered yet! >>>>The school portion of property tax is unconstitutional!<<<< Here come the stained seats in the legislature!

Summers whimpered at Bart's feet, then got on board.

The IU Prof. was an academic-brought both sides-made few points-passed out figures-made folks drowsy.

Monroe was going to sneak out during the public debate, until some guy caught him. Then he got dissed by Bart.

Bart was visibly shaking at one point. He turned every shade of red, from pink to purple when the others spoke, and tried to pander through empty gestures...He knows his days are numbered.


They are on the ropes and, there is more dirt coming out.

Anonymous said...

"They are on the ropes and, there is more dirt coming out."


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
"They are on the ropes and, there is more dirt coming out."


As soon as the documents have been put in order, and the case is built. We won't run off at the mouth like Herr Mayor, and the Bartstitutes.

Keep yer' britches on. We don't want the noose to just be pretty, we want it perfect.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to sound impatient, you guys / gals are doing a great service in putting this information out here. I just hate FART and the corrupt CCC and want them out of here ASAP!

Anonymous said...

I felt the mayor thought that his built in constituency was a good place to appear but I was heartened that the black community did not give him a warm response and made some tough references to what is going on. They also took a stance that they wanted to see property taxes eliminated. The meeting ended appropriately because none of them, with the exception of Mr. Price and the lawsuit, was able to do anything immediately or in most cases, if ever. It requires the legislature. We all need to show up at the state house at every meeting and the city council meetings. They want you to go away.

Mole #6 said...

We want them to go away too. We are trying to make sure that they do...In cuffs. Doing the "Perp walk".

I WILL be at every meeting that I possibly can be at. Hope to see a lot more new faces.

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