Saturday, August 11, 2007

Why I am creating this blog, to expose corruption in Indy Government.

Like many of you, I have had it with out local politicians. This machine needs to be stopped, take a ride with me on a journey to better days, by helping me to expose corruption in Indy Government at all levels.

This blog will not be like most of the others, I have a hobby with photoshop and Image Ready and will try to impart some humor along the way. My first offering will be on none other than "Bling Bling" Sheriff Anderson and our drunken corrupt sailor Bart Peterson. I hope you enjoy it!

Things that Indycorrupt's looking into:

1) Pea Shake houses;
2) Where certain CCC members live;
3) Concrete companies;
4) Developers connected to our mayor and tax dollars;
5) Payton Wells;
6) 300 East;
7) Frank Anderson and his goon squad;
8) Julia Carson;
9) Sweat Pea;
10) Black business people being shaken down for 20% "protection money"

This is just a simple top 10 list, there's much more to come. We will elaborate on each item as time permits, with much of our information being passed on the proper federal authorities.

Be warned right now, this is not a PC site. We will pull no punches, and we will hold all parties responsible for the misery imposed on us, the tax paying citizens without regard to political affiliations. IC is not a member of any current party, so all of you are fair game.

BE afraid, be very, very afraid if you have something to hide. We have moles on the 25th floor, IMPD, MCSD, the CCC, and an army of pissed off working class people about to run a train on your asses.


making waves said...

Bravo for having the g's to take on city hall. I am with you till it's done after which we'll dance in the streets in celebration of our emancipation from this tyranny of thugs.

Until that glorious day, let's show these powermongers who REALLY rules this city.

Independent Voter said...

Great Idea!

Good hunting, and Be careful

Anonymous said...

How about 300 East?

scroll down to 9/13/06 "Polin Park, no more pimping"

sure looks shady to me!

The Scribe said...

Welcome to the Blogosphere! Here's hoping you can have the same impact as some of my favorite sites like IndyUndercover and PolisPolitics (not to mention BartLies!).

Sir Hailstone said...

I don't recall anything in the submitted plans about an "upstairs" area for 300 East. I was given some info that some IndyU supporters went there and saw several prominent A/A persons come in including Bill Mays himself and were immediately whisked away to a staircase...

Is 300 East a front for perhaps another type of establishment?

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