Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Magic Surrounding Ron Paul is About to be Revealed

The run up to the presidential primaries of 2008 has been nothing less than a marvel of intrigue for the Republican candidacy of Congressman Ron Paul. This mystic of politics has created a mirage of ubiquity so realistic that it can literally be seen around the world, all while simultaneously remaining shrouded in a cloak of anonymity.

No other candidate has managed to appeal to a broader spectrum of the electorate. No other candidate has been Googled or otherwise researched as much as this presidential contender. No other candidate has as many apathetic voters, first-time voters, and even party-switching voters pledging their unwavering support for them on Election Day.

This candidate, Ron Paul, has accomplished not one, but two, record breaking 24 hour fundraisers. In fact, he’s raised more money in this final quarter than any of his Republican opponents. It’s also interesting to note that this non-interventionist also receives the most contributions from military personnel.

Though unpretentious and unscripted, Ron Paul has dominated online polls, straw polls, and post-debate polls. No other candidate generates more calls, emails, or protests of support. Such allegiance is likely due to the fact that no other candidate has the same consistency in their voting record, their message, and their manner.

No other candidate in either party has amassed the grassroots support that Ron Paul has been able to inspire. No other candidate has as many signs, banners, or bumper stickers percolating across the nation. No other candidate has inspired as many videos, blogs, or songs.

No other candidate has as many people wearing apparel that bears their name. No other candidate has as many vehicles painted or decorated with their name. No other candidate has a blimp, a hot air balloon, and airplanes routinely filling the skies with their name.

No other candidate has as many meet-up groups. No other candidate has as many sign-wavings and rallies. No other candidate has as many boots on the ground going door-to-door on their behalf. No other candidate has as many fans going out of their way to show their support by staking out strategic locations to hold up a sign or banner at a sporting event, a live news feed, or even a competitor’s engagement.

However, the greatest feat in this amazing performance is not what has been witnessed by the masses, but what has not. For this phenomenal candidate has attained such notoriety while being virtually censored by every major establishment, including his own party. Even as the Iowa Caucus is about to dawn, this contender’s percentage of potential success remains locked in single digits according to every major survey.

Yes, Ron Paul is certainly the most magical presidential candidate in the history of American politics. If he fails to produce a top tier finish right before your very eyes, it will only demonstrate that the prodigious conjuring of the American media has trumped him with a spellbinding feat of their own.

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