Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Bart, how about it?


Anonymous said...

Is this part of the "laying the ground work?"

Mole said...

Why, yes it is!

Anonymous said...

Could you please post these docs in a font that can be read (or explain how to do so). The resolution isn't so clear and it's killing my eyes to read.

Sorry to be a nag.

Signed, Aye Yai Yai my Eye

Anonymous said...

We need a better scan than this. Really hard to read. Thanks

LEO Supporter said...

We hear you, the translation between scan to image will be cleaned up.

The staff and moles..

Anonymous said...

These last two pieces of information: the letter, and the paper on fees paid are very difficult to read. Can you re-do the scan with better quality so everyone may be able to read it?
It would be better if they were more legible!

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