Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Let the storm begin, let the people know the truth!

Let's dip our toes in the water here, and start to let the chips fall where they may.

IC has stated that we would not post anything without documented proof, that we could verify and back up. Then we said we had it, and needed time to sort it out and vaildate it. Well, we have a few things now that need to be put out there to the public. Much, and I mean a TON more will be forth coming. But for now, let us wet our beaks with some red faced members of the current City County Council, and then lift the cover off of the beginnings of the water for scandal agreement we have right now.

IC meant what it said when we stated our purpose for this blog, and we also still encourage anyone with verifiable proof to come forward with information.

"Off with their hoods"


Anonymous said...

Our favorite crook Sweet Pea wouldn't be involved would he?

Anonymous said...

Seems that Bart and Beurt SerVass made a real sweetheart deal to sell IWC out from under us. The attorney, George W. PendyGRAFT, P.C., billed the bond bank-and made a whopping $199,948.00 for establishing the Indianapolis Department of Waterworks. His address at the time? 1000 Waterway Blvd. Who else has that address? Former CCC, Beurt SerVass.

Isn’t there a cushy $90k position at the IDW for someone?


MOLE said...

Oh, there is a whole stack of docs to go through. I'm sure Monroe's name is going to be printed here.

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