Tuesday, August 21, 2007

IC just got off the phone with our favorite mole, and the amount of information we were provided with is over whelming. It's going to take most of the week to sort it all out, verify the information, then start getting it out there. We're not going to completely tip our hand, and we gave you some reference, or a pretty big hint to a small part of it today. We now have in our possession actual proof, but it has to be sorted and validated. We will not post anything until this is done, documents need to be copied and then secured, tapes reviewed, videos verified, and a lot of phone calls made.

We also have to be very careful and not disclose our identity in getting this out there, as people who find themselves in desperate situations, well, there will be a lot of them... can always try to come back for revenge.

IC wants to make one thing perfectly clear, we are not affiliated with any political party, nor do we have an ax to grind against any particular party. The only thing we want, is for the corruption to stop at all levels, and for the parties responsible to be held accountable. It is time for all of us as citizens to hold those who are elected to represent us responsible for their actions, no longer can we afford to sit back while others profit from lying, cheating, and back door deals. Rules and public law are not just for us working stiffs, and tax paying folks. And that's what several members of our current representation are about to find out, the hard way.


Anonymous said...

We hope some of this is on your list!

Never before in Indianapolis has corruption been like this....

*The Machine has a councillor in a fake district, just to keep The Machine in power they lie and their clerk doesn't say anything about it.

*Appointed to the Airport Board by The Machine is co-owner of a bar in a taxpayer owned building managed by The Machine's Township Trustee. Did I mention that the Airport Board member who co-owns the bar, helped acquire the building for the Township Trustee (at taxpayer expense.)

*The Machine's council president gets a no-bid contract at the airport for concrete work. Did I mention that he also is co-owner of the bar in the Township building with the Airport board member?

*The Machine's constable, Center Township trustee, and several of its city council members are on the tax delinquency list, and none of them have had their properties put up for sheriff's sale.

*The Machine has another township trustee who used Fire Department money to pay his rent and is now charged with Official Misconduct.

*The city council president has an executive salary and title with the city fire department with a city car, gets caught visiting illegal gambling parlors, and has no meaningful responsibility assigned by the fire department to earn that executive salary.

*The Machine has a second member of the city council getting an executive pay check from the fire department and a city car without meaningful responsbilities assigned to ear that pay.

*How can a Center Twp Constable own a home valued at almost 1/2 million dollars?

*Why does the Center Twp trustee drive a car illegally equipped with flashing lights and siren?

*Why are there all of these patronage executive paid positions in city government (neighborhood liason, deputy mayor, director & deputy director of pubic safety) that get city cars?

*The Machine took power and taxes went to record

Anonymous said...

Is this the same Monroe Gray who used to sell cocane and stolen property out the back door of IFD Station 28 at 38th and ruckle?
and did concrete work for Viola Water?

And the same Vern Brown who wrecked a city vehicle while intoxicated into a tree in military park after a social function at the Athletic Club and was taken out as program manager of the IFD drug and alcohol program because he would tip off brothaz a month before they were due for drug testing?

Anonymous said...

Yep, it's the same Monroe Gary, ex-hustler/barber.

Funny, him on the City-County Council isn't it? And the PRESIDENT!!!! What the F---K. Indianapolis has been sleeeeeeping...

Anonymous said...

What is the point here? Is the water company deal dirty?

Anonymous said...

The water company deal stinks to high heaven, and if you read what LS bolded, then you can easily figure that one out. LS said that he was "laying some ground work" that means, pointing to exisinting documented information and open corruption with this French company. The first part of making your case is proving intent, and showing a history of like items.

I can't speak for him, but when you think about it a little. It's not hard to consider this, as the single largest deal for them ever. The one month window in which it happened, the abuses and already exisitng investigations. Then come to the reality, that more than likely, they have a line of where the payoffs and money are going.

Have someone confront Veiola, then watch Bart parade up to the stage and shut it down.

The only way United Water beat them out of the sewer deal is they paid off a board member, he has a 90k job waiting for him and obstained from voting. look it up.

nothing happens without council approval, and Monroe Gray had no bid contracts awarded to him to do work for them.

Think on it a little, they will say what they can prove here shortly.

Then the wheels come off..

Anonymous said...

I will look forward to it. Didn't mean to be dense, just looking for a little less mud in the water.

LEO Supporter said...

We'll post what we have soon, and disclose what we need to the local media and federal/local law enforcement as soon as we can. IC cannot comment on any speculation at this time, meh, some of you are pretty bright though!

The wheels, they are a spinning..

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