Thursday, August 23, 2007

We're up for a laugh this morning, are you?

Folks, IC hears you about the font on the copies, we're working on it and will get it fixed. If any of you have suggestions, we're all ears, just post in the comments section.

In the mean time, have a laugh at this letter from Pea Shake himself.


Anonymous said...

Anyone else keep getting directed away from this page like I do? Everytime I come here I get directed away to a Dell search page.

LEO Supporter said...

You're not on the 25th floor, are you?


First we have heard of it, please let us know if it's happening to anyone else.

Thank you,

IC staff

Anonymous said...

It has not happened to me - yet.

Anonymous said...

did to me yesterday for about 4 hours... I'm not suspicious nor am i very smart but i had the problem here and at indyu. No problem with the other blogs

Anonymous said...

I wonder who wrote that for Sweet Pea? Him being able to form a coherent sentence is akin to Bart Peterson telling the truth!

Annie said...

No problem here with re-direction...

Anonymous said...

Talk about "redirect"? Focus people... the discussion concerns Sweet Pea's dribble.

How can anyone as confused as Monroe Gray become the counsil president of the 13th largest city in America?

That is frightening! What a buffoon.


Anonymous said...

There must be a ghost writer on staff for the CCC president because Monroe can't even mumble coherently!

Thanks for sharing, IC...we all need a laugh these days to keep from sobbing as these thieves continue to gut our city.

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