Tuesday, August 21, 2007

IC is going to lay some ground work for what will be a long week of revelations, some of which may very well shake the foundation. We can't say more about this yet, but, we think most of you will be able to begin putting two and two together as to where we're going to head this week. IC has cleared the slate for the rest of the week, our moles are meeting today, and we'll be pouring over substantial information regarding corruption. We're going to post a lot of information today, as we need to lay some ground work for later in the week.

IC also wants to shout out to our LEO supporters, we have heard that our name is on some of your lips. You guys are one of the major reasons that IC exists, we're just as sick of this crap as you are and we plan to man up and do something about it.

IC has to be careful this week, as we will be posting information that can put us in harms way. Having said all of that, let the process begin. "Off with their hoods!"


Anonymous said...

Thanks IC for having the courage and chutzpah to take this on...just be careful out there. We need you, IU and the rest to keep our foes on their toes.

LEO Supporter said...

Thank you for the kind words, we're not afraid of the machine. They had better be afraid of us though, by the end of the week.. well..

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