Saturday, August 25, 2007

Property owners invited to "GET OUT!"

This is a very small part of what we're looking at, I guess if you want someone to move, you can just raise the value "assessment" a couple hundred percent. Take a look at this list, the parcel numbers and then tell us how anyone can let this stand? Have a look for yourselves.


Anonymous said...

And that's just the ones listed for sale. I wonder how many others are out there that got slammed for 151-625% and aren't out where you they can be found...Like hidden in the ASSessors orfice?

Anonymous said...

More damning evidence and yet complacency still rules the day. Our homes, our city, our livelihoods are at stake here! What will it take to get the citizenry of this city to WAKE UP!

Each one of us, in our own way, has the capacity to do something and make a difference:

"One person cannot do everything but everyone can do something. If everyone does something, everything will get done."

If not you, who? If not now, when? The time is ripe for change...are you with us?????

Anonymous said...

Or maybe they don't move and the individual takes their own life.

I've heard rumors that some elderly folks have committed suicide rather than be a burden or go in debt.

I hope it is only an urban legend.

Anonymous said...

Invited to leave- YES--When you get a 250+ percent property tax increase such as those, for homes in Broadripple/Washington Twp. inside, Meridian Kessler etc. and not one in government thinks that's criminal-you know they want you out. This government is out of control and corrupt-Many have been fighting this for so long. Keep it up Indycorrupt!!!Maybe you can topple this corrupt bunch and we can take back our government. If not now, there will never be another time. Snap out of it people.!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The suicides are not an "Urban Legend".

Anonymous said...

I see that you put up a donation button, if we put some money in there can you guys get a better scanner or camera or something?

Let me know, I would like to help out.

LEO Supporter said...

Well, we would like to possibly do something like that in the near future. I think we are doing better with what we have now, the big thing for us right now is just the amount of time that it takes to do all of this. We're certainly not looking to make money at this, heck, we hope to keep our health and safety more than anything.

So yeah, anything would help in that regard if you would like to help out.

If you want to help in other ways, please use the email listed.

Though we have plenty of information, we are always looking for more and have room for additional moles!

The other thing that people can do to help out is get involved in other ways, and VOTE!

Anonymous said...

Just read this over at IU, thought I would share it with you folks.

"LEOs and CCs, there was a major marijuana bust last night at Kessler and Michigan Road. We confiscated an assault rifle, several pounds of marijuana and a gun. And in all that guess who showed up? Sweet Pea!

He showed up in his city car! Now why was he there? He can't arrest anybody. He has no police powers. We all know he has no office. Doesn't it seem strange to you that the President of the City-County Council would show up at a drug bust, in his city vehicle, when he would have no reason to be there? Or could it be all just one big coincidence? Indyu thinks not. How about you?"

Anonymous said...

The problem with resolution is not the scanner. The problem is that the scans are resized, making them lose resolution. If you look at a scan such as "icr2" its physical width is over 16" and it is very readable. If you look at the "layoff" scan, its width is just over 4". You may have to experiment, but when scanning, keep the scaling at 100 percent and the resolution set to 96dpi.

W Thompson Rd said...

Has anyone bothered to look into the Constable for Perry Twp Assessed Value on his home.

Lets put it this way, my home is very close to his, less sq ft, a little less land and I have a 1 car garage he has a very large 2 car garage. His home is much nicer than mine all together. Last year we had simiular assessments this year mine went up $12k more than his. He saw a $5k increase.

Now, w/ the new assessments I don't expect ours to change much if at all.

I WILL BET my life that b/c of who he is his assessment is less than it should be.

I have an address. I am not sure I can post it though and I fear retaliation.

Mole said...

No need to post friend. Send it to us and, we'll get it done.

LEO Supporter said...

Send the info to and we will validate it, then post it if the information can be verified.

Thank you!

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