Saturday, August 18, 2007

Do we really have a hiring freeze?

IC has learned through reliable sources that in fact, the CCB has been bringing in HVAC and Carpentry people in through the basement. As a matter of fact, if you look to the Indy Star classifieds, you will see these positions advertised in open media.

What this current administration has got to begin to realize is there is no place to lie and hide any more, our fingers are all over this city. Bart Peterson called for an immediate hiring freeze, and announced that in the national media. IC wants to know who came up with the idea at the City County Building to end around their boss, or if he even knows what actually occurs in his own administration?

In particular, some might take a hard look at the 23rd floor and wonder who the paid consultants are, and what their purpose is? But IC digresses, we would have to know what a line item on the budget "Other" with 300% spending increases represents? Maybe we could fill in those 5 blank pages on the budget from last year with this information?

As always, we are active and aware, and working hard on new pending items for later next week. We just wanted to make sure you know that we haven't taken our eye off the ball in the process. Leads continue to come in to us daily, some of them are better than others. But we encourage any of you who want to share, to email


Anonymous said...

Hiring freeze is only applicable to customer service positions with the city...all executive make-work political patronage positions are exempt, including those yet to be created.

Anonymous said...

Exposing lies, and double talk.

How about the other new members of the 25th floor, consultants cost as much or more as employees.

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