Sunday, August 12, 2007

We can always hope!

IC just got a special delivery, then had to run out to pass out the "Had Enough" signs all over the neighborhood. After coming back and cooling off, a moment of inspiration happened to occur.



Anonymous said...

Digging back into the archives came across this blog which recorded what was surely Patrice Abduallah's first call to resign his City County Council seat, way back in 2003.

As noted by kolehardfacts on November 2nd of that year, there was a press release from the Libertarian Party which said the following:

"While reviewing the campaign finance report of Patrice Abduallah (Democrat seeking the City-County Council District 15 seat) that was filed with the Marion County Election board Oct. 17, we noted a donation of $3,450 made to Mr. Abduallah on Sept. 13 by the Greater Indianapolis Progress Committee (GIPC)."

"This donation is inappropriate for the following reasons: "

"GIPC is a 501c3 corporation. All corporations are limited by Indiana law to giving no more than $2,000 combined in a calendar year to all candidates who are seeking local offices. Mr. Abduallah received almost 1½ times that amount."

"Quoting the GIPC’s own website, 'Funding for (GIPC) Action Grants comes from application fees paid to the city by businesses requesting tax abatement.' Most importantly, we believe that some of those public funds may have been used to help fund Mr. Abduallah’s campaign."

"Additionally, Mr. Abduallah’s campaign finance report indicates that there is $755 in cash missing from his campaign fund between April and October. It also lists the repayment of a loan for $500 when no loan has ever been listed in his report."

Was Abduallah delinquent on his property taxes that year, too? Could that explain the $755 discrepancy? Or the $500 'repayment'? Just wondering... If he can't pay his property taxes, he's evidently got money problems.

Abduallah later explained his 'error' (regarding the campaign contribution) by claiming the contribution really same from the "Greater Islamic Progress Committee." Remarkable that the only two references to this organization, in ALL of the billions of webpages indexed by Google, appear in two articles referencing Abdullah's statement. Well there are now three, including this one.

This is is Bart's team playing ball here, folks.

LEO Supporter said...

Thanks, I will post that information ASAP.

OR, right now! :)

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