Thursday, August 16, 2007

Patrice Abduallah, time for a Sheriff's sale!!

IC just got off the phone with the Marion County Treasures office, the gal who answered the phone would not give me her name. "lol" Guess I must not have been the first person to call and request information about this.

Here is what she told me:

At any point, if you are delinquent paying your property taxes, your house can be put up for a sheriffs sale. She then back tracked and said you had to be behind one year, then she said one and a half years delinquent. So, if you haven't paid the first installment of last years property taxes, by the second due date this year, your home would be considered for a Sheriff's sale. However, when IC asked her if there were any written law online to review, she stated that it's the sole discretion of the Sheriff's department on which homes action will be taken on.

Now I want you to think about this one real hard here, how many of our CCC members haven't paid property taxes since last year?

The following was posted online at AI, to give credit where it's due.
  • Patrice Abduallah, Democratic City-County Councilor, District 15, 937 N. Sheffield Ave. ($535.21)
  • Rozelle Boyd, Democratic City-County Councilor, At-Large, 938 N. Alabama Street ($2,069.38)
  • Billie J. Breaux, Democratic Marion County Auditor, 5155 N. Arlington Ave. (27.68), 5155 N. Arlington Ave. ($511.54)
  • Lonnell Conley, Democratic City-County Councilor, At-Large, Majority Leader, 6223 E. 56th St. ($1,433.44)
  • Mark Anthony "Tony" Duncan, Democratic Center Township Constable, 340 Harvard Pl. ($1,367.54)
  • Carl Drummer, Democratic Center Township Trustee, 3563 N. Central Ave. ($1,273.40)
The following comes from the Indy star article posted today:

While that work ran into city roadblocks, Abduallah said he has run into serious financial problems that kept him from paying his property taxes last year and again on Friday. Treasurer records show he owes $1,084 in taxes on his house on Sheffield.
"I'm delinquent on those taxes,'' Abduallah said. "I've really been going through some financial hardship recently."


Anonymous said...

Rozelle Boyd lives at 5040 Mallard View Dr 46226... maybe he hasn't paid his prop tax there, either?

Maybe two Homestead Exemptions?

LEO Supporter said...

Let me go and look.. brb

LEO Supporter said...

I show three right now, looking into it..

1027531 BOYD, ROZELLE 2525 E 35TH ST

Could be more.. aye yi yi.. does this ever end? Yeah, we're going to make sure it does.

LEO Supporter said...

Well, after speaking with a kind gal at the MCT office, it appears that he still has 937 in his mothers name, and took a homestead credit for the residence. Trouble is, he also took the credit at 1144..

Parcel numbers:




Wayne Township assessors office is my next call, 273-4130 in case anyone else would like to verify.

Then the Marion County Auditors office.

I also checked up on a couple of the other member listings, and discovered that some of them have now paid up to date. Rozelle and Connley are now current, or close to it.

Anonymous said...

This city needs one big audit-can't help but wonder how many properties with delinquent property tax payments have had them erased with a push of the button.

I might know said...

Keep digging. Your getting warmer.

LEO Supporter said...

Keep digging. Your getting warmer.

Please, if you can help add any additional information or direction, it would be much appreciated. I am here to post the facts, tell the truth, and am not afraid to stand up and say something when needed.

I want my city back, and I want the crooks out of here. No matter what that takes, I mean that sincerely.

Anonymous said...

Ill get a couple of address for you by Sat or Sun.

LEO Supporter said...

Thank you, I have the other property information now.. from a big helper!

IMR said...

Welcome Indycorrupt to the blogasphere.

Keep up the good work. One down, more to go!!! said...

Welcome Indycorrupt to the Blogasphere.

Keep up the good work. One down, more to go!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, little note re: tax delinquencies. It appears that when they rolled the tax amounts back to the 2006 level, they also (at least in some cases) lost track of payments received after January 1, 2007. What that means is that the website may be inaccurate: A parcel may show delinquent (because it was delinquent on December 31) when it is not delinquent now (because tax+penalty was paid some time after January 1). I know of at least one case of this. Just FYI.

Anonymous said...

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