Thursday, August 16, 2007

IC wants to know some things, and needs your help!

Permit? We don't need no stinking permits, you poor peasant!

Signed, 300 East maffia.


1) How long do you have to pay your property taxes before "bling bling" is allowed to foreclose on you?

2) Can someone link me to the actual pending cases against Monroe Gray, and his concrete company?

3) How do we get a copy of the billing-payments and charges of Aaron Haith, for the CCC?

IC has been out searching all morning, home for the day and trying to keep busy!

Thank you to anyone who can help me find this items, I am looking and will post anything I find immediately.


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LEO Supporter said...

Thank you, wow that thing's pretty dated. LOL

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LEO Supporter said...

This is interesting, and and there's certainly a lot of mumbo jumbo in there..

Distribution of proceeds of sale of certificates of sale; tax sale surplus fund; county auditor duty on assignment of certificate
Sec. 6.4. (a) When a certificate of sale is sold under this chapter, the purchaser at the sale shall immediately pay the amount of the bid to the county treasurer. The county treasurer shall apply the payment in the following manner:
(1) First, to the taxes, special assessments, penalties, and costs described in section 5(e) of this chapter.
(2) Second, to other delinquent property taxes in the manner provided in IC 6-1.1-23-5(b).
(3) Third, to a separate "tax sale surplus fund".
(b) The:
(1) owner of record of the real property at the time the tax deed is issued who is divested of ownership by the issuance of a tax deed; or
(2) purchaser of the certificate or the purchaser's assignee, upon redemption of the tract or item of real property;
may file a verified claim for money that is deposited in the tax sale surplus fund. If the claim is approved by the county auditor and the county treasurer, the county auditor shall issue a warrant to the claimant for the amount due.
(c) An amount deposited in the tax sale surplus fund shall be transferred by the county auditor to the county general fund and may not be disbursed under subsection (b) if it is claimed more than three (3) years after the date of its receipt.
(d) Upon the assignment of the certificate of sale to the purchaser,

the county auditor shall indicate on the certificate the amount for which the certificate of sale was sold.


LEO Supporter said...


Third time was the charm, thank you so much for your assistance.

Much appreciated!!

Please come again!



Anonymous said...

Will do!


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