Sunday, August 12, 2007

IC wants to know who's going to honor the warranties on city cars from Payton Wells?

After looking through the city pages, it appears that every car purchased from this crook came with an extended warranty. You know, that thing all of us are not stupid enough to buy. IC will link to an example of how this fleecing worked, check out the line item charges.. :)


IC also would like to know if any of the employees were paid, and happened to their 401k?

This is a clip from a concerned wife of one of his former employees, and I don't give a flying two shits about the bank foreclosing, you know way before that and should have been honest enough to give some notice.

"My husband was a very long time, well known, and much liked employee of Payton Wells for 11 years. He was loyal until the doors closed although Payton did not return the loyalty to him or Kevin Kimbrough. I personally know that issues with payoffs and paperwork were also extremely frustrating for all who worked at the Anderson dealership since the payoffs were generated from the top with little control from below. Kevin was told abruptly to call a meeting for the staff and inform them that they had 1 hr to get their personal belongings. Those driving demos were stranded for rides, many employees could not even clean out their desks, not to mention the service area personnel were left not knowing how they would remove all of the tools and equipment that belonged to them. Employees were not permitted back on the lot after they left. The let down continues as we don't know about issues such as if our health insurance coverage is going to continue, 401 K status, etc. It has been weeks and we still don't know anything. My husband's calls have gone unreturned. He has worked very hard for 11 years to establish a large customer base, as well as a great reputation as a fair and caring dealer, and a respected member of the community. He was a high flying kite for the company and his life's string was severed without notice. He was left to the winds of uncertainty without a second thought. He will relocate, rebuild, and rebound because he is truly a high flyer destined to reach star status. I am very proud of him. I wish I could say the same for Payton Wells. I wish luck to all the former employees and hope that the community can have some relief in knowing that not all car dealers are bad or out to rip you off and that some things are beyond the control of the employee. Although there will always be shady folks in sales, most people in this business really do want to provide you a great experience and a fair price for a service that we all need- the purchase of a vehicle. Top Salesman's wife"

Good thing Frank "Bling bling" came to your rescue, IC's looking for that contract at the Marion County Jail right now.. you know.. the one.. that involves food.. Here we come Franky, here we come brother.


Anonymous said...

$5200 and $3800 seems like alot of money for an extended warranty!

LEO Supporter said...

Wow, someone clicked on the link and read that!

Good job, the more we become informed, the better off all of us are.

Thank you!

Sir Hailstone said...

The same people who try to silence those that bring up Payton Wells are the same ones who claim Eric Dickerson ripped off his employees when he "bankrupted" his Buick dealership (Eric closed it voluntarily). Eric took most of his shop employees and started his body shop in Westfield.

LEO Supporter said...

We are happy to have you here sir hailstone, we hope Wilson does not follow.. :)

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