Friday, August 17, 2007

Us "Haters and Whiners" made our point (s)

So some folks apparently took it a little far with some of the comments, IC sent a couple of email messages into the show. The first one asked if was only going to lob Bart soft balls today, then offered him a couple of questions.

1) How many deputy Mayors does the mayor require?

IC sent him one more, then sat back and listened to him "Amos" stew about it while Bart was on there. I guess quiet a few must have taken up the cause, as he was very agitated and said we were the black on black haters? Huh? IC is not a black man, or a cop, just wanted him to ask some reasonable questions of the Mayor.

2) The second email we sent asked him, because he said "the mayor did" that he had made a mistake not getting out in front of the people. Why he refuses to go on the Garrison show?

Congrats to everyone who emailed, and pissed him off! Of course they immediately turned this into a race issue, someone must have sent him a question wanting to know if the mayor had seen the "Bart Lies" t-shirts and bumper stickers. He keeps babbling on about some monkey photo?? Can someone tell me about that?

Is he talking about the Minority report, and bartlies??


Anonymous said...

Never before in Indianapolis has corruption been like this....

*The Machine has a councillor in a fake district, just to keep The Machine in power they lie and their clerk doesn't say anything about it.

*Appointed to the Airport Board by The Machine is co-owner of a bar in a taxpayer owned building managed by The Machine's Township Trustee. Did I mention that the Airport Board member who co-owns the bar, helped acquire the building for the Township Trustee (at taxpayer expense.)

*The Machine's council president gets a no-bid contract at the airport for concrete work. Did I mention that he also is co-owner of the bar in the Township building with the Airport board member?

*The Machine's constable, Center Township trustee, and several of its city council members are on the tax delinquency list, and none of them have had their properties put up for sheriff's sale.

*The Machine has another township trustee who used Fire Department money to pay his rent and is now charged with Official Misconduct.

*The city council president has an executive salary and title with the city fire department with a city car, gets caught visiting illegal gambling parlors, and has no meaningful responsibility assigned by the fire department to earn that executive salary.

*The Machine has a second member of the city council getting an executive pay check from the fire department and a city car without meaningful responsbilities assigned to ear that pay.

*How can a Center Twp Constable own a home valued at almost 1/2 million dollars?

*Why does the Center Twp trustee drive a car illegally equipped with flashing lights and siren?

*Why are there all of these patronage executive paid positions in city government (neighborhood liason, deputy mayor, director & deputy director of pubic safety) that get city cars?

*The Machine took power and taxes went to record increases.

Anonymous said...

IC, how about you do a feature about Corrupt Carl Drummer and show the public how The Machine works? You can connect the corruption to Julia, Bart, Council, Airport Authority, Constable...and a tavern in a taxPAYER owned building.

We all take notice that Corrupt Carl Drummer doesn't pay his property taxes....but has 100+ on his patronage payroll.

LEO Supporter said...

We're looking at all of them, but something else is in the works, much bigger. I can't say much about it right now, as we're gathering info and fact finding behind the scenes.

I am going to post a little sort of teaser about it here shortly, just trying to make sure I word it correctly and don't tip anyone off.

It makes the machine look like chump change, we're going to shake the foundation.

LEO Supporter said...

P.S. It sure would be nice for IC to get a copy of the lease on that public building, we know who bought it, and runs it, and some more we will not share yet. IC will only share what it can prove, and validate, when the time is right.

We're all over it though, I can tell you that much.

Anonymous said...

*Don't forget the incompetent coroner, who has fired the best pathologist firm in the region & hired a quack with prior medical license suspension and unethical background, who also was the loser in a lawsuit that cost big $$$

*Why does dead people property get stolen under this coroner?

*Why do minority owned funeral homes get county items from the coroner?

*Why is county property turning up stolen from the coroner's office?

Anonymous said...

INDIANAPOLIS -- The Marion County coroner on Tuesday criticized the county prosecutor's decision to obtain and serve a search warrant at the coroner's office, saying he already was cooperating with the prosecutor's probe into possible mismanagement of bodies, records and property.

Prosecutor Carl Brizzi, accompanied by his investigators, delivered the search warrant to the coroner's office Tuesday. A grand jury is looking into seven cases, including one in which the coroner's office identified a body but failed to tell his family or police. The dead man's family reported him missing, but they said they didn't learn about his death until after the coroner's office had a funeral home cremate the body.

P. S. It seems Ackles has a hiring policy that is based on color.....

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