Thursday, August 16, 2007

Time for his shanty to go on the block is past due!

We as citizens demand that all people be treated equally, and that this corrupt CCC member be held to the same standards that we as citizens are help to. It's THE LAW!

IC 14-33-10-4
Delinquent tax or assessment
Sec. 4. (a) An assessment is a lien on the real property assessed equal to taxes levied on the property. If an installment of an assessment is not paid when due, the real property is subject to the same rate of interest and penalty as is provided by statute for delinquent taxes. If an installment or assessment is not paid in the amount and at the time when due, the board shall prepare, certify, and file with the auditor of the county in which the real property assessed is located the amount of the assessment against the real property with the default in payment.
(b) The county auditor shall place the amount, together with interest and penalty, upon the tax duplicate to be collected as state and county taxes are collected at the next date for the semiannual payment of taxes. If the assessment, interest, and penalty are not paid at that time, the real property is subject to sale as is provided by statute for the sale of real property on which there are delinquent taxes. Upon the sale the proceeds shall be prorated equally among the assessment and any delinquent taxes. A sale for a delinquent tax or delinquent assessment does not extinguish the assessment.
As added by P.L.1-1995, SEC.26.

Read it for yourself


LEO Supporter said...

So I called the County Treasurer who referred me to the Wayne Township assessors office, who referred me to the Auditors office. Whew, 327-4646 they explained to me that it was 3 years before they could move on a property sale, I read the law to them, and got hung up on. I called back, after getting past the answering questions, the phone rang 10 times, then I was hung up on again. I called back again, this time I got the same gal who told me that I would have to speak with their attorney.

Yeah.. you bet I will.


Anonymous said...

I have also seen figures of 150-200 days. But that could be on the civil side, e.g. mortgage foreclosure.

Three years sounds about right for a sheriff's sale...

Not a problem for me, just interested in how criminals work within the law. There is where it gets really sickening.

The scary thing is the statement of it being at the sheriff's discretion? (on another post) That senile old phart doesn't even know what day it is!


Anonymous said...

Interesting to see and read how sensitive so many indy governmental agencies are becoming now that the citizens are merely asking questions. This attitude should scare us all.

Pogo said...

You are absolutely correct! When the goverment feels that it doesn't owe the citizens an explanation, or can get by with hanging up on a taxpayer merely asking a question, things are Way out of control! We need to keep after them and make them answer and be accountable. Funny, when I was getting the run around on an issue and was told to talk to their attorney, things changed when they had to answer my attorney's request for the information. Too bad I can't send them the bill for my attorney's fees.

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