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This tidbit was contributed by one of our readers, thank you. How can you spin THIS one Steve?

Digging back into the archives
BartLies.com came across this kolehardfacts.blogspot.com blog which recorded what was surely Patrice Abduallah's first call to resign his City County Council seat, way back in 2003.

As noted by kolehardfacts on November 2nd of that year, there was a press release from the Libertarian Party which said the following:

"While reviewing the campaign finance report of Patrice Abduallah (Democrat seeking the City-County Council District 15 seat) that was filed with the Marion County Election board Oct. 17, we noted a donation of $3,450 made to Mr. Abduallah on Sept. 13 by the Greater Indianapolis Progress Committee (GIPC)."

"This donation is inappropriate for the following reasons: "

"GIPC is a 501c3 corporation. All corporations are limited by Indiana law to giving no more than $2,000 combined in a calendar year to all candidates who are seeking local offices. Mr. Abduallah received almost 1½ times that amount."

"Quoting the GIPC’s own website, 'Funding for (GIPC) Action Grants comes from application fees paid to the city by businesses requesting tax abatement.' Most importantly, we believe that some of those public funds may have been used to help fund Mr. Abduallah’s campaign."

"Additionally, Mr. Abduallah’s campaign finance report indicates that there is $755 in cash missing from his campaign fund between April and October. It also lists the repayment of a loan for $500 when no loan has ever been listed in his report."

Was Abduallah delinquent on his property taxes that year, too? Could that explain the $755 discrepancy? Or the $500 'repayment'? Just wondering... If he can't pay his property taxes, he's evidently got money problems.

Abduallah later explained his 'error' (regarding the campaign contribution) by claiming the contribution really same from the "Greater Islamic Progress Committee." Remarkable that the only two references to this organization, in ALL of the billions of webpages indexed by Google, appear in two articles referencing Abdullah's statement. Well there are now three, including this one.

This is is Bart's team playing ball here, folks.


Anonymous said...

Great Blog!

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Indiana Constitution, ARTICLE 6. Administrative (See sec 4-10)Patrice!

Section 1. State officers
Section 1. There shall be elected, by the voters of the state, a Secretary, an Auditor and a Treasurer of State, who shall, severally, hold their offices for four years. They shall perform such duties as may be enjoined by law; and no person shall be eligible to either of said offices, more than eight years in any period of twelve years.

(History: As Amended November 3, 1970).
Section 2. County officers
Section 2. There shall be elected, in each county by the voters thereof, at the time of holding general elections, a Clerk of the Circuit Court, Auditor, Recorder, Treasurer, Sheriff, Coroner, and Surveyor, who shall, severally, hold their offices for four years; and no person shall be eligible to the office of Clerk, Auditor, Recorder, Treasurer, Sheriff, or Coroner more than eight years in any period of twelve years.

(History: As Amended November 4, 1952; November 6, 1984).
Section 3. Statutory officers
Section 3. Such other county and township officers as may be necessary, shall be elected, or appointed, in such manner as may be prescribed by law.

Section 4. Qualifications of county officers
Section 4. No person shall be elected, or appointed, as a county officer, who is not an elector of the county and who has not been an inhabitant of the county one year next preceding his election or appointment.

(History: As Amended November 6, 1984).
Section 5. Residence of state officers
Section 5. (a) The Governor, and the Secretary, Auditor, and Treasurer of State, shall severally keep the public records, books, and papers, in any manner relating to their respective offices, at the seat of government.

(b) The Governor shall reside at the seat of government.

(History: As Amended November 3, 1998).
Section 6. Residence of other officers
Section 6. All county, township, and town officers, shall reside within their respective counties, townships, and towns; and shall keep their respective - offices at such places therein, and perform such duties, as may be directed by law.

Section 7. Impeachment of state officers
Section 7. All State officers shall, for crime, incapacity, or negligence, be liable to be removed from office, either by impeachment by the House of Representatives, to be tried by the Senate, or by a joint resolution of the General Assembly; two-thirds of the members elected to each branch voting, in either case, therefor.

Section 8. Impeachment of other officers
Section 8. All State, county, township, and town officers, may be impeached, or removed from office, in such manner as may be prescribed by law.

Section 9. Vacancies
Section 9. Vacancies in county, township, and town of fices, shall be filled in such manner as may be prescribed by law.

Section 10. County boards
Section 10. The General Assembly may confer upon the boards doing county business in the several counties, powers of a local, administrative character.

Section 11. Repealed
(Repealed November 6, 1984).

Updated: 25 Februrary 1999
URL: http://www.law.indiana.edu/uslawdocs/inconst/art-6.html
Comments to: Webmaster
Web Publishing Info: Law School WebTeam
Copyright 1999, The Trustees of Indiana University

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When it rains...More bad news for Mayor Bart Peterson
This is not good for Bart Peterson. The last thing this guy needs is criminals being set free in the streets because the Peterson administration didn’t ensure IMPD officers were properly sworn in.

“Questions over the authority of officers who didn't take an oath for the new Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department has prompted a judge to delay more than a dozen trials, 6News' Jack Rinehart reported.

“In the past two days, Judge William Nelson (pictured) postponed 17 criminal trials in which defense lawyers have challenged the authority of Indianapolis officers involved in the cases.

“The challenges came after a different Marion County judge last week dismissed a woman's drunken driving charge, ruling that the arresting officer's authority under the old Indianapolis Police Department didn't automatically transfer when the IPD and the county sheriff's department merged to become the IMPD in January.

“The officer, Judge Reuben Hill ruled, should have sworn an oath for the new department but did not. Now, defense lawyers are using the argument in other cases, saying other officers didn't take an oath for IMPD.

"It is a problem," Nelson said of the issue Tuesday.

“The state is appealing Hill's ruling to the Indiana Court of Appeals, which could decide the issue in a couple of months. The legality of thousands of arrests in which officers have been involved since IMPD formed could be at stake, Rinehart reported.

“IMPD held a swearing-in ceremony at the beginning of the year, but more than 80 percent of the new department's officers did not participate. Some boycotted the event to protest the merger, Rinehart reported.

“The county prosecutor's office has said it believes all IMPD officers retained the powers, rank and seniority they had under their former departments, regardless of whether they took a new oath.

“Kevin Murray, a legal adviser for the county, said that when the City-County Council established IMPD, the council "never contemplated ending police authority in any form or fashion."

“Defense attorneys, however, point to IMPD's general order No. 1, which says: "All persons employed by the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department as a merit or reserve police officer, prior to assuming sworn status, must meet with the Chief of Police or Sheriff to receive the oath of office for this department."


Twelve clansmen and one bagpipe make a rebellion. Sir Walter Scott

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I'll post it after I verify, thank you!

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Patrice be gone!


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Wow, have to get that posted.. WOW!

There is a god!

Beth White, Monroe Gray, Aaron Haith, take note.

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